Feeling incredibly lonely

These last few months felt incredibly lonely and fearful and frustrated feeling like I'm completely drained of energy and my head feels cold.seems all my life I wanted friends but never really fit in didn't try to I always felt singled out how can I make u understand hmmm try Naruto for an example or Batman lol best example I can come up with sorry if u don't understand sometimes I don't understand myself sometimes I could be surrounded by people and still feel lonely or spaced out in my thoughts since I was little only child always alone walked alone somedays I wish I had brothers or sisters cuz growing up alone hurts my communication skills sucks ass always quite because I'm always in my thoughts Thinking sometimes I wish I had a dog to call a friend sigh😖 I'm tired.


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  • I totally understand you completely, I've always seemed the black sheep growing up 'the quiet child/person' I had brothers but they were over 10 years older then me so growing up was lonely. I never really get invited anywhere at work, especially my old work I use go to.I'm always the back ground person.i remember when I was little I use go my aunts while my mum worked, non of my cousins wanted to play with me n when they did it was because they had to, so I was a very lonely child growing up, so I feel your pain I really do. I was the girl who was being laughed at growing up the one people use to point me out to make jokes about, I tried laughing it off but there is only so much you can take, and after abit it just broke my confidence being around people, I'm still quiet today, even more so with my anxiety.

    No matter what, you are loved and people will think more of you then what you think :) keep your chin up and take every day as it comes :) xx

  • You're not alone Colby, you got us here (: and hey I love Naruto and Batman ! Lol I did see Batman V Superman, but I liked Civil War better 😊

  • your NOT alone bud. when your walking down the st you assume everyone else is happy, its far from the truth, they/we/i all have hidden problems.

    2 things.....

    1/gotta tell your doc how you feel, hes the first point of call. dont assume hes gonna put you on some mind blowing drug to make you sleep and he/she DOES care.

    2/easy to say get out more but maybe if you have free time you could volunteer at a charity shop etc, will get you out and meet new folks, sharing a smile allways helps however brief.

    lots of luck, jim

  • Thanks a lot guys good morning

  • morn bud, hope lifes better? lil atta time remember

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