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Do I have anxiety

I'm 20 almost 21I'be always been a worry bug but I could still function then a month after I graduated high school my mother who walked out on me and my sister about 10 years ago showed up at my house stayed for 10min. left and I haven't heard from her since I was a basket case for days, I became physcaly ill and could not function I lost my job and thats the first time something like that happened to me now over the past 3 years since then I've in and out of jobs they all end the same. I get in there everything is fine I'm a hard worker and I love to work then something will happen whether I mess up or something as simple as someone talks to me then I start freaking out I get diareah, unbearably painful cramps, and nausea and its constant so I miss work and get fired. I gave up my husband stood behind me and I decided to take some time off work I've been out of work for a while but these pains haunt my life. Any time I do something out of the ordinary I get sick. I can't live this way. My husbands nephew has to have a open heart surgery today there is a good chance he will not make it. We were on our way to the hospital and I got sick pucking and cramping up, I was pain and I didn't want to be a burdon to my husband or his family on a day like this so I came home but I'm tired. I want to work, I want to be there for my husband the way he is there for me, I want to beable to go places and do things. The life I'm living is no life to have. All I do is stay home and go to the grocery store one day a week. Anything else and I get sick. I'm heathly there's nothing physically wrong with me, do I have anxiety? What is wrong with me?

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Sounds like anxiety my love! I'm right ther with you <3


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