Hoping that i do not have schizophrenia

See these are my sympthoms Hesrt rate goes for no reason sometimes , my head always feel wierd or fact sometimes numb , tingling feeling shortness of breath , feeling like i cant think streight sometimes i zone out for like 5 minutes cant relax my back to much tense when i step out side feel like i got to come back home because my heart just startes pounding idk , feeling i lost my mind feeling like i need a new brain severe chest pains and my vison seems to seem like am dreaming or unreal . Hopefully the weed didnt give me brain damage or ama stay like this for ever am always jerking my neck like twiching or something . i do not want to stay like this for ever i get my Mri result tommarow would tell me if i have that ? or have any brain damage ?


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  • Good Luck with the MRI results tomorrow Johnnie...I hope it gives you the answers

    you need to move on in life. Let us know please.

  • Thank you i will let see tommarow for the mri and yes i doo

  • I hope you get good results. Maybe you need to talk with a therapist. You should benefit from it. These all sound like symptoms of anxiety to me.

  • yeah they have anxiety disorder aswell but just did a mei because of the smoking weed just wanted to make sure my brain is fine

  • Oh okay. I don't believe anyone has ever gotten brain damage from smoking weed. Maybe other drugs but not weed.

  • Yeah i had a panick attack while smoking i could relax and i felt like it triggered me or something because i been this way for three months already

  • That happen to me 😞

  • I have all these symptoms and they are all due to severe anxiety and stress. When you are very anxious your body reacts to fligh or flight and produces an excess of adrenaline .

    I'm not saying it is a definitely Diagnosis and the only person that can give you that is your doctor.

    If MRI scan comes back clear I would suggest you ask your doctor to refer you to mental health team.

    Obviously there is a reason your anxious, but I don't think it is due to schizophrenia.

    I am bi polar and have complex trauma and dissociative identity disorder. All due to emotional, psychological, physical abuse together with neglect ( emotionally and physically )

    I had my first symptoms when I was about 12 and was only diagnosed at 50 I am 54 now and still unable to work. I am seeing a psychiatrist for medication to keep the worst of the symptoms at bay or at least dull them. I found the psychology groups the NHS offered together with the psychologists pretty useless as they were all aimed mostly on people who have been sexually abused by a family member and mostly all hide their problems behind alcohol , drugs and self harming.

    So not really helpful to me as

    1. I have only drank twice In 3+years

    2. I don't self harm again only twice in my life

    3. I don't take illicit drugs ever.

    And although I did fall victim to sexual abuse and rape, it was by men outside my family, but was probably due to neglect as I had not been taught how to defend myself or set boundaries, and had no one to go to for help.

    I did disclose to a teacher and was told not to be silly and sent me home.

    I hope you are able to get a diagnosis bit in the meantime put schizophrenia out of your head as worrying about it is probably making things so much worse

    Amanda x

  • Yeah because this all started from smoking weed and i been stuck for three months always home my heart always racing idk what to do i feel like i lost my mind or something i have a lot of sypmthoms but all the severe anxiety sympthoms i have it you name it All the hospitals i been saying am fine blood work normal ekg normal been to different hospital they say am fine sometimes aswell i feel like i cant breath or feel like am holding my breath But i just want this to go away to have my life regular and back to normal honestly i dont feel like my self i was always active always going out having fun havent been back to school for two months because all this stuff thats going on idk what to do anymore.

  • Smoking weed has been linked to mental health disorders, but it is believed that you must have had a disposition to mental health disorders in the first place so weed is just a trigger.

    You need to see a psychologist as they will be able to assess your condition re depression , anxiety,

    Please ask doc to refer you and be very open and truthful as holding back is not going to help.

    I have times when I won't leave the house or wash my hair, even get upset if someone opens the curtains as I can't bare to face the world. But I also have Good days which can last a week sometimes two , but then I am being medicated.

    Before medication was unable to function due to all the symptoms and cried almost constantly.


  • Have been refer to one they gave me medication For anxiety and stuff but i dont drink i been tryig to control it my self the more stuff that worries me is my heart and the sympthoms in my body so mental disorder you think it was that the weed gave me ?

  • i feel like the weed triggered something

  • I too have smoked weed and had a panic attack. Maybe you have developed panic disorder. That's what I have along with GAD.

  • So how long you been this way? and was it because of smoking weed aswell?

  • Smoking weed wasn't the cause of it, no. I didn't develop the actual panic disorder until about 4 months ago.

  • You think not so what was it because after i smoke that day i continue to be like this for three months already just because that one day but before that i been smoking three years or two years strieght i use to feel my heart racing when smoking but this time it really hit me hard

  • It sounds like it was coincidental. Did you have anxiety before you started smoking? Look up panic disorder online and read about it. I think you are just thinking about everything too much and scaring yourself into having another panic attack.

  • Yeah thats what it is i keep track of my heart all the time and when i put my hand on my chest my hesrt starts to speed up and i think about alot of stuff like say if something happen to me espically when i get chest pains i think ama get a heart attack or something sometimes get shortness of breath as well and alot muscile tension on my back like i have really bad back pains i cant have my back still always moving it am only 20 years old dont wanna die to young because of this

  • My therapist constantly reminds me that no one has ever died from a panic attack. Try doing something to keep your mind off of it. You will get through this and you are not alone. Hopefully you can talk to a therapist soon to help resolve the issues you are having.

  • Yeah i will need to get over this stuff already need to have my regular life back with i feel like i cant do anything that i always have to be home

  • I know exactly what you mean! I want my normal life back too!

  • Yeah sooner or later we will be back

  • Yeah just pray about it and take it one step at a time. I hope you have a good support system. That helps too. Also I have been reading a book that my therapist recommend it's called, When Panic Attacks. It gives you different techniques to use to help prevent anxiety.

  • Yeah i will plus everything wont last for ever unless you do something about it

  • Sounds like panic disorder/anxiety

    Have you started taking your medication yet? If not.. why? It could mean... you feeling better vs you not wanting to take medication πŸ˜‰ Please don't try to diagnose yourself with off the wall things... you really don't sound like you have schizophrenia. I've worked with many of patients with schizophrenia ( I work at a VA hospital) seek help from a counselor.. many of doctors have told you your hearts fine... you are okay. You just have to accept the cards you have been dealt. It's really really hard.. I understand. But you are never gonna feel better if you don't work on the diagnosis the doctors have given you. Don't second guess them πŸ™‚

    Start taking your medication, it won't hurt you. If you don't like it.. stop taking it. Have they prescribed you anything like xanax? If so just take one, see how you feel... best of luck, I really hope and pray you can over come this in your life! Acceptance is your first step. X

  • You think i dont have that because all the started with was with weed never been the same after what happen to me cought a first panick attack smoking and that one change my life am to stressed out aswell just thinking about it like oh what if something happen to me or think about alot of my heart going fast and that worries me and my chest pain and yeah i do have meds called paxil no i havent got any xnax and i havent took meds for three months they gave it to me but never took it because been trying to this on my own but it wont let me because if it not my heart racing is sympthoms in my body i guess the weed triggered me really hard because now am always stuck feeling this physical stuff in my body you know docters says am fine saw a lot of docter i had a appointmetn today for mri results but they changed for friday because docter wasnt coming in today after the mri result i literaly did ever single thing . And am type worried about take those types of meds thats the thing too scared that i get addictive or i cant get off them and thats the only way i could live my life by leting those meds do there job you know am type of person that would like to fight this but it seems like its hard to do at times feel like my body is sore and tierd because me taking all these sympthoms am tierd of it my body is too. and its everday not only once in a blue no everyday.

  • I know how you feel, my symptoms are everyday as well. I too was scared to take medication bc of getting addicted..etc.. I didn't want to be on medication forever. But you WONT. Most of the time you only need medication for a short time just so you can feel calm enough to start working on anxiety acceptance. I was only on klonopin for seven months.. a very very small dose.. and now I'm off no problem

    Ask your doctor if he will send you to a counselor.. they really will help you. Try not to look up things on google.. it's the absolute worst at feeding your anxiety. You will be okay πŸ™‚

  • Yeah thank you how are you now ?

  • Doing waaaaay better! πŸ™‚

  • thats good have you ever had severe chest pain sometimes in the middle as well or where your heart is at ?

  • Yes. I had a 48 heart monitor.. numerous ekgs... everything was fine.

    I think I have costochondritus also some acid reflux... they both can mimic "heart pain"

  • yeah i notice i have a lot of gas in my stomach idk why and yeah i had a 7 day monitor to make sure my heart was fine and did a stress test on a trim mill

  • They got a great look at your heart then.. with it being 7 days πŸ™‚

    A lot of times with anxiety we can have the gas built up behind our chest, it can be painful.

  • Yeah they told me to not come until 3 months so i guess my heart is fine they did tell me i have a little bit arrythmia but not a dangerous is just when i lt goes really fast but its mostly say it more about stress anxiety if continue to be the same they will have to give me some depressed pills

  • Yes that just means when your anxious your heart rate goes faster. When your anxiety goes away your heart rate will return to normal, the anti depressants would help get rid of the anxiety.. which will get rid of all the bad symptoms like fast heart rate.... chest pains.. tingling etc

  • The meds?

  • Yes.. anti depressants

  • Whats that sorry ?

  • Paxil

  • i got it but never took it is it good have you drank it before

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