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Doctor tells me I have anxiety and depression

My head is 24/7 spinning and feels like if I walk around ill just pass out doctor says everything is fine but it's quite scary feeling something unknown :( stops me even leaving the house in always worried about It I'm only 21 and feels like it's put my life on hold anybody have and suggestions or experienced these feelings of dizziness and also like chest pains? thankyou in advance people :)

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Thanks for your reply! As I say I'm new to all this and it is scary been a young lad should be out soo what every other 21 year old does but I can't! :( it's hard to explain to parents and friends cuz they look at me like what are you on about your fine when deep inside you feel like your about to collapse at any second dosing it so hard to cope don't no what else to do! but hopefully you guys non here could help nice knowing other people experience the same and I'm not the only one as I'm not crazy! thanks very much! xx


Hi Crad Welcome :-)

I no when you feel like you do you may not feel up to looking round all the posts on here , maybe at a later date you will , but you will see & I can say these are typical symptoms of anxiety & lots of people post feeling just the same as you & full of fear as its so unpleasant & can be hard to believe anxiety can make you feel this bad , but it can & does

Your GP will be right , did they offer you any help like counselling ?

When anxiety starts we instantly feel fear & that creates more anxiety , which then becomes a pattern of fear & anxiety & so we constantly start to feel this way

If we can learn to accept how we feel (which is not easy ) it eliminates the fear & then the anxiety & the symptoms get less

Keep talking on here , people do understand & there is so much support , no one judges & you will not feel alone anymore which really is a relief & does help :-)





Hi why why, thanks for your reply Ill have a look around after I figure out what I am doing, lol like you say it's common symptoms but I have no clue on anything my doc just recommended counselling which i am still waiting for but someone did say to me accept the way you feel( easier said than done) but I will have a look around and see what I can find out about all this thankyou xx

And anxious my doc started giving me diazepam for a short period of time they worked great found some lying aroids ended up getting addicted to them the coming off them just crashed, the I went in citalopram I think their called they made me feel really low, and now I take something called propranolol to try and eliminate chest pains as much they worked great for a short amount of time just feels anything I've had dosent work and it's not anxiety (but it must be) so I'm unsure what else to do/take! and thankyou again xx


Welcome Crad, there are lots of people on this site that are suffering from anxiety and depression, including myself, so you are not alone here. Your symptoms definately sound anxiety.

I was given diazapam for a short while whilst I was having panic attacks, but they are very addictive. The doc then prescribed me citalopram which I have been taking for about 3 years, what dosage are you on? I started on 10mg but am on 40mg now, they take a while to get into your system and although I don't always think they are working, I know I would be worse if I didn't take them.

Hopefully you will get your appt for counselling soon, those sessions should hopefully help you identify reasons for your depression/ anxiety and coping strategies so that you can get back to your normal life.

The people on this site have helped me loads over the past few weeks/ months, I hope you find the site helpful too!

Jules x


Hi Jules have to ignore m spelling (I'm on my phone) lol and can I ask how you found the citalopram? I took it for 2 weeks at 10mg and I felt even lower but if it's worth going threw that stage I would be willing to try it again,

As for knowing what's cause it I already no what brought it all on sounds daft but a girl!,

Just need to start building my life back up now I can't have it the way it was before I have to start all over again an having this it's scary and I don't even no where t start I can't even leave my house with anybody let alone by myself. And then feeling that way makes me more down it's like a vicious circle x


Hi Crad, when I first started on the citalopram I had terrible headaches and felt a bit strange for a few weeks, but stuck with it and kept going back to see the doctor regularly until they got the dose right.

Its not daft to feel low because of a girl, she must have meant a lot to you and has probably left a big gap in your life. The meds should help you to feel less anxious, but think you probably need talk to someone to help with the depression and building your life back up. Do you have any friends or family you can talk to? If not i would ask the doctor if you can be referred for some counselling. I know this sounds scarey, but we all need some help sometimes. Its best to try taking one step at a time, I know thats what I'm trying to do.

Jules x


So it might be worth me trying them again and sticking them

Out this time, thanks! And to be honest yeah she's was I no I'm only 21 but we were together 6 years we had our own place the dogs ect, so like you say its a massive part of my life gone got screwed over for money of her friends the lot just my kind nature taken advantag of now leaving me feeling broken and worthless

And that's only half of It that's why I no have to deal with this

Genuinely thank everyone and yourself for making me feel "normal" :) xxx


Hi crad welcome. :-)

I get chest pains off and on due to my anxiety so you are not alone.

Hope you feel better soon xx


Hi crad, I have chest pains and palpitations, headaches dizziness, fast heart rate ect. I have had 15 ECgs a 5 days ECG and an echo scan also seen a cardiologist and all is clear they tell me I have health anxiety and panic disorder. This all started due to reaching 30 and my mum having hear disease young in which was due to her bad lifestyle. I have a total different lifestyle to me. Stick with it u will get there xx


Thanks for your replys your all so nice!!! :) it's just hard having a doctor tell you you have anxiety and then you feel all this and not knowing anything about it always questioning yourself is this normall is this really anxiety or she politely telling me in dying because that's how it feels but I feel a little easier knowing I'm not the only one and it is very much normall! thank you all again! much love x


Welcome Crad

The doctor's questionnaires tell me I have moderate anxiety and mild depression - though I'm convinced the depression is because of the anxiety...Doctors not really good on anxiety, some even use the phrase 'it's JUST anxiety' (hate that 'just')... My doctor gave me a self-referral form for phsycological services, it's taken around 5 months for 2 assessments to get on a waiting list for a course of cbt treatment. In the meantime the two things that I found helped with dizziness was 1) stopping and accepting it and/or 2) having some dried fruit. The main problem with anxiety is, although people's symptoms tend to be similar, methods of dealing with vary a lot, you have to figure out what works and what don't

good luck and this forum is great ;)

x sam


Hi sam I'm the same I believe the depression side comes from the anxiety and yes also I don't think my dr full understands it I've just got to wait for my appointments I've had one assessment in 4 months! And I might try that.. Sounds silly but what do you mean dried fruits? thankyou x


Doctors have to know a little bit about everything which means things like this are not thought about. I have truly struggled to accept its anxiety. Iam a nurse and with the physical symptoms I get I believed I was ill. If someone said to me 7 months ago anxiety does this to u and would have called them a liar, how wrong was I xx


Reference the citalopram, I am on this and it's been really, really helpful. I felt ok after 2 weeks, but I had lots of side effects and maybe I would have stopped taking them BUT the dr had explained to me (as they should have explained to you) that they take months to work, not weeks, and a course is 6 months minimum. I would urge you to try again, and stick with them. I find that the thing with anxiety is that it muddles your brain, and stops you making rational decisions. Also, everyone has an opinion, but you are the person controlling your brain so research what you're doing, and do what's right for you x


Hey, I suffer with depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. I am on pills for it and might even be going on more and its a horrible feeling when you have a panic attack cause you have no idea on whats going on around you apart from what is in your head. Just trust me when I say it gets better


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