Hello :)

It's been a couple of days since my last post :(

Ummm I've been doing better but last night I had a panic attack horrible one but initially 11 days since my last attack not bad right?

It did cause me to feel like a failure because I was doing better and almost back to my joyful self, and I don't want to let the people around me down :( but I talked about it and analyzed that it was bound to happen I went 28hrs without sleeping taking care of my lil one who ended up in the hospital :( ( they are doing better now thank God) and I had a much needed coffee break ( something I had given up for almost 3 months) and the combination made me freak out (hypochondria moment)

As soon as I made the connection my attack stopped and I was able to enjoy the rest of the night and get some much needed sleep :)

I did well today but I dunno if being at the hospital exposed me to the flu or what not my chest feels congested but I'm not coughing or have mucus it's just that tightness and sore ribs (but that might just be from my panic attack, I cried bad)

All in all what's helped me is staying positive and distractions. :) and when I would feel dizzy or short of breath, breathing exercises.

And telling anxiety to go away. Silly I know but oddly works for me :)

How have you all been??



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  • Hiii although it sounds silly with what u did it really does work I have an attacj from I woke up this morning the whole day was a drag but now im feeking way much better thank God. I went out for sushi with some friends an had one glass of wine it took ky mind off anxiety and I jus had so much fun laughing and talking.

  • Hi cwoodside!!

    Sucks for the bad moment but I'm so happy for you!!

    That's great you were able to hang out with your friends and have a good time :)

    Keep that in your mind when you start having an attack. I'm sure it's bound to keep you positive and overcome your attacks quicker



  • Most definitely thank u so much i try my best when im having an attack is to get up and do something not sit there an be in a fowl mood or feel sorry for myself

  • Hi always :-) well done you ....congrats on the 11days panic attack free

  • Bless your heart! I'm glad you're handling it better! I'm also glad your child is okay. :) Keep up that positive thinking and you will eventually climb out of this anxiety hole. :)

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