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Hello everyone... Its been a while

So i havent posted in a Long time.. Wonder how everyone ia doing.

Well i was doing Great Till Now.... I had the biggest Panic attack ever. I havent had one in a Long time maybe months ago.. And i freaked out i got lost in a Dark Cloud. Then i felt as if i had Tunnel vision my head feels lighter my hands are shaking. I literally forgot how these symptoms all felt since its been forever since i had my last Panic attack. Iam scared and i feel Lost again... Iam currently taking My 1mg Xanax and iam suppose to take Lexapro but iam scared too.. I also have been seeing my therapist so thats why ive been doing so well... But to make this story short iam Overweight i saw my Physical Dr. About a year ago. And she told me i was at risk for diabetes and High Cholesterol. I havent seen her since i was too afraid to go back for another check up.... And I just let myself go i gained more weight and now my anxiety has gotten worse. Iam Not Very Motivated to lose weight because i keep telling myself its IMPOSSIBLE which i know its not. I HATE THIS I HATE MYLIFE I JUST HATE IT ALL....

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Hi WhereIsFreedom, it just takes a panic attack to come back and we then remember how terrifying it was as well as devastating because it does leave it's after effect. The 1 mg of Xanax should help you and the Lexapro would compliment it. I'm still on my Lexapro and it does keep me focused without any sleepiness. I hope you give it a try soon. Telling yourself it's impossible to lose weight is the same as our telling ourselves we can't do anything about our anxiety. It's all in reverse thought process and making it "I Can and I Will".... Feel Better.


Thanks Agora1 its been a while since ive heard from you Hope your doing well Hun 😊

And your totally right! I feel so Low sayingl that anything is impossible.... I have lost 12lbs before by eating well and working out 1hr a day and now iam here making excuses.

I'vebeen extremely Scared about my High cholestorol and not seeing my Doctor again 😖

I failed myself And now iam back to my lowest point. Idk if its because i might be getting my menstrual or iam paranoid about being pregnant. Iam putting way too much stress on myself lately. And it sucks....


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