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ill everyday does anyone else feel like this?

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why do i feel ill all the tme like all i want to do is sleep doctors say its down to anxiety i feel sometimes like im not here i used to be a bubbly girl uo for a laff but now i drerad everyday does anyone else feel like this?

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HI NATTY i too feel like you i used to be out and about all the time now i have no energy dizzy all the time x

Same here

Do u feel like ur in a different body no it sounds weird only way i can describe it

I suffer the same. I can cope better with the emotional side of anxiety better than the physical side especially the tiredness, the endless tiredness, there are days I just want to lie down on the floor and go asleep whether I'm in the street, on the train, in work... Your doctor is right anxiety does make you feel this way, it's the constant battle and the adrenalin going up n down n up it wears you out. That said I've just been on a bike ride as I'm convinced the fitter I am the less tired I'll be and I used to enjoy being outdoors so much that I want it back.

Depersonalixation, feeling disconnected from the real world, dreamlike, unreality

Depersonalization: You feel like you are not a part of what is going on, or that you feel like you are in a dream state or ‘out of touch with things’. You may feel that you are an observer of the world, or even yourself, but not able to feel a part of reality. Sometimes you may feel very unreal then think that you are losing your mind or will cross over into some other non-real world.

Also, things around you may seem like they are shimmering, foggy, hazy, too bright, or tunnel-like.

........found this on a site relating to anxiety symptoms.i get this too,your not alone, and it will not last for ever,its the brain timing out from anxiety,

Great info thanks for letting us know. It is so difficult to find information about the physical symptoms of anxiety and I find it so frustrating so this has helped. I find as do most I presume, that the physical is the main ordeal of anxiety not the worry (if there is even any to begin with!).

Hi natty

Its all about controlling the anxiety if its not just a short term spell. Ive suffered with anxiety heavily since i was 13. It is difficult but you will be fine. See if the doctor will refer you to a specialist. I went to some sessions that really go deep into all ares of anxiety. Im doing ok in life but it is a daily pain. Ive just come to terms that its part of me now. Remember that 1000'sof people will be going through the same thing every day

hi natty its all part of anxiety i always struggle more in a morning i always have a fight with myself about getting out of has thats where i feel safest. see if you can get referred to a anxiety management group. hope you soon start to feel more comfortable.xx

Hiya thanks everyone i am currently aving cbt and on meds but still feel ill docs said stick with it for a while longer so we will see thanks again

Hi Natty, I feel exactly the same. Have chest infection currently and it is getting me down, but feel like it is one thing after another. My immune system is shot to pieces. Trying to stay strong so I can keep going into work and keep my job, but every day feels like a struggle and all I want to do is sleep. On meds coming out of my ears, and high doses too and although is helping from where I was, it seems to have reached a level.

I know it will go away, but when?? I feel like a complete shadow of my former self, who like you was fun, bubbly, confident and strong. Not anymore. I will beat this thing and get back some semblance of normality.

Stay strong. Karen x

Thank u karen ad a bad day today x

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