Hi, Does anyone feel like they are swaying when they are having an attack?

Every time I have a bad anxiety attack I feel that I am swaying and everybody else around me seems ok and getting on about their business. It is as if I am not really there! (like an out of body experience) and all I want to do is lie down so that I feel safe, which if you are out and about is not posssible?


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17 Replies

  • Hi yes i get that feeling too, i get like a rush of adrenaline down my legs and feel as though im going to loose my balance, i also get a feeling of unreality like im detached from everyone else, the only thing that helps me is to concentrate on controling my breathing and focusing on breathing steadily helps me to stop focusing on the negative feelings. marie

  • Hi, thank your for your reply. I sometimes use the controlled breathing technique aswell it definately helps and also if it is particularly bad and I feel like a panic attack is coming on I get my partner to talk to me about everything and anything just to divert my mind, I find this helps too!! I was beginning to think that I was the only one that had this off balance feeling it is horrible as if you are drunk but not in a nice way!!

  • Me too.

    I go off-balance.

  • Hi, thank you for your reply, I think that is the best description for it "off balance". When people ask you to describe how you feel it is often difficult.

  • HI, yes i get this its all part of a nasty anxiety/panic attack......like a vertigo feeling with tingling all over my body......horrible isnt it and ruines the whole day!

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, yes that is exactly right, I had the condition vertigo four years ago and that seemed to be the onset of my anxiety but I did not connect it until recently. I always thought when I had the feeling it was the vertigo returning and could not understand when I took the medication it did nothing for it !!

  • Mine started with vertigo too, horrible condition and very scary! Have you any tips on coping or easing vertigo and that unbalanced feeling?

  • Hi slj2012,

    thanks for your reply. When I first had a really bad "do" with vertigo I did not no that was what it was, I kept thinking I was going to slide off the face of the earth (which sounds ridiculous) but when your balance is totally off that is what it felt like. I went to the drs and she prescribed me antihistamines which do not cure it only ease the condition to make it more bearable!! unfortunatley you just have to ride it out. Which is easier said than done!! maybe you could try these? Luckily I have not had vertigo since, but have been left a lasting legacy of Anxiety (with similar effects) seems to be a vicious circle.

    Hope this helps.

  • My vertigo came about 6 years ago and was a terrifying experience, then it returned a month ago (doc says it is labrynthitis and it will go) It eased for a week and now its back again..also got anxiety on top which does give the same effects. Just wish there was an easy solution to all these problems so i could feel 'normal' again!

  • Hi slj2012

    Do you take any medication for either condition? I have been taking the herbal remedy Kalms for the anxiety, not sure if they do help (feel slightly better) or if it is psychological!! Take Diazepam occaisonally but don't like to take them alot as most meds like that are highly addictive!

  • No not on any meds, doc gave me tabs but i couldn't stand the side effects. I have tried Kalms in the past and they didn't do anything for me. Currently having CBT but this vertigo/labrynthitis is the worst bit that i hate!

  • Hi, I have recently got 2 books about cbt to try to help with the anxiety. I empathise very much with you on having vertigo. It is vile. The times I had it was when I seemed to be stressed about things!! I hope you feel better soon. Here to listen if you need to talk!

  • Yes also - I first noticed when I was stood in front of a noticeboard, it felt as if it was swaying but in fact was soldily attached to a brick wall! I think the out of body feeling is known as depersonalisation & yes it is horrible. Best wishes with getting through it.

  • I get this symptom too, I was on the top floor of a department store once and honestly thought the place was wobbling and going to fall down. Its a relatively new symptom of mine, Ive only really had this symptom for 3ish years but it really is a horrible one. I find sitting down and setting my focus on something close up (like my phone or a computer screen) then something further away and alternating between various things close up and far away helps a little as my brain doesnt have so much time to sway as it keeps having to snap back to properly focus.

  • I can totally empathise with this,and i always have to sit down and focus on something close up! Its horrible but i cant make people understand hiw i feel.

  • Hi

    Yes It is awful, anytime I have to go up floors in dept. stores, hotels (which I always worry that the room I am in will be on a high level floor, stood on top of hills etc anything like that I get that same feeling that they will fall down. Are you afraid of heights like me? I think that fear and the terrible anxiety together is horrible. I do push myself though I feel that I do not want to let anxiety control me and my life!!

  • I used to tell my doctor that it was the "insane feeling"...I know just what you mean!!

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