Do any of you get anxiety from reading these posts?

I know this is an anxiety support group, however, I can't help but get anxiety ridden when I read the posts on here. At first I sought this group out to not feel alone or to offer some advice on things that have worked for me, but I get a deep pit in my stomach and tightness in my chest or feelings of doom when I read what others are going through. Am I the only one?


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  • Hello

    This does happen as well as sometimes you can read something that you have never thought of having yourself and all of a sudden you think O dear what if I have that !

    I think when you feel this way best to try and read the posts you can deal with and have breaks from logging on , but I do understand what you mean , it is a great support but sometimes it can start having the reverse affect

    Take Care x

  • Yes! Exactly! I find myself in that situation and then I need a break from the site. Haha! Happens to me when I watch the news too. That's why I try not to watch local or even national news at times. Ugh.

  • When I was a child I would hide behind the chair and put my fingers in my ears when the news came on because it upset me hearing terrible things , I don't do that now , to big to get behind the chair :-D but do not have it on because I am in charge now of the remote :-D I read on line what I want to and leave what I know upsets me , think maybe that is what we have to do with most things because what upsets one does not upset another so there will always be someone to answer :-) x

  • Absolutely! Haha about not fitting behind chair now. Thanks for making me laugh. Have a lovely day. ☺️

  • Great reply Lulu you have said it all

    I totally agree

    It actually makes me feel better though as I'm thankful I'm so well now compared to lots of poor people on here that are really suffering so badly x

  • Haha this made me laugh, I get anxiety when reading about other people's anxiety! Also start feeling the way they do too! For example I suffer from anxiety however have been alright driving, but the second someone posted about driving triggering off their anxiety, I start to question why aren't I anxious about driving! :/ not helpful I know! Sorry!

  • Exactly my point. Haha! At least there is humor in it. I always think I have everything everyone else has. Ugh! 😜

  • Try to look at it as a way of helping each other, . Googling makes people anxious. I think this site lets you know that you can put your mind at ease , seeing you are not alone in these thoughts and it's a great reach out site to talk to people who understand and can know what your feeling. Hope you stay on here

  • My thoughts exactly----all those sufferers not getting any better! BUT I do get a sense of satisfaction if I can give what I hope is a helpful reply & have picked up some good tips in tackling my own problems. Trouble is, we sensitive types are just like blotting paper ---- perhaps we should start a sister site choc full of positive stories & nice stuff?!

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