Fear of dying

my worst fear is that one day I'm going to die and I won't see anything or hear anything ever again. Everything I do or think about leads back to I'm going to die. I go months without it being really bad but then suddenly it's all I can think about and I can't sleep for months and I just sit there crying. I don't know what to do I'm f 13 and I still cry when my mum goes out for the night cause I'm scared she may die and I won't be there. I also can't sleep at my friends as I have panic attacks and am also scared something bad may happen. I have had counselling before a few times and when I go everything is better but I never feel like I'm telling them the truth so I quit and everything gets worse again. I'm sorry if none of this made sense I have wrote this mid panic attack cause I just needed to get it out


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9 Replies

  • I have the same fear and have had the same fear since I was 8 years old, you will not die, I'm 25 and I'm still here ❤ you need to tell your parents, the doctor will be able to help you!

  • Hey, have you talked to your mum about this? Maybe you could try reading a book about overcoming the fear of dying. You're so young and have your entire life ahead of you to enjoy, don't spend it focusing on dying :-( xx

  • Hi .you have to try speak to your mum.and get help with counseling. Your mum and doctors will do this .you are to young to go through this. Please try take advice..and hopefully you will get the help.mind

  • Fear of dying is worst than death, face it we all die one day. You need to visit this site anxietycentre.com I too experienced what you have and was help a lot.

  • Just gonna be bold and put this out there. I'm not a religious person. But I believe in the universe and the infinite powers we as humans were all born with, our thoughts, in which create our realities. Let's just think, science is working to stop the aging process, it is possible in the near future it will be a success, they are working towards immortality, that is also possible to be a success, nothing is impossible. I believe that death is a belief and therefore it happens, but I also believe life is a belief and therefore it happens and can continue to happen and happen and happen, as much and as far as we allow our minds to believe, our bodies will follow. Our minds are far more powerful than we realize. According to humans, bees should not be able to fly because their wings are too small for their bodies, but they fly anyway, because they do not care what humans think is impossible. We too need to have that same mentality and we as humans will surprise ourselves. Those are my beliefs 💙

  • I've had this fear for a long time I'm 35m and still alive and kicking! You are young. You are living the best years of your life, please take it from me " an old bird" do not let these years past you by with worry! You will be fine! Now get out there and enjoy life!!! You won't regret it!

  • Honey, this makes my heart break for you. My attacks started at age 5 and I have had them ever since. You will die sometime but not from a panic attack. I am 64 and back then people didn't know about or understand a "panic" attack. Usually you were diagnoised "crazy" or like me due to my stomach issues they treated me for an ulcer !! There is no need for you to worry about dying if you know about Jesus who died on the cross to save you from your sins and for you to live forever in Heaven with him. So to die for a Christian is actually gain !! If you need more information I will be glad to help you.

  • I an 70 and have had this off an on since about five years old. It's the nothingness that gets me too. It's not the dying that scares me. I wish I could reassure you the only thing I can say I have got to 70 and knowing I haven't got long to go frightens me. However what a waste of years worrying about something that is inevitable.


  • I worry about getting a disease that kills me and I have them that can.

    trying to lose a lot of weight and worried I will run out of time.

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