Fear of dying

hello my name is jimmy and I have a problem. At a couple of months ago I battled anxiety but then school started and it faded away day by day. But unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, someone I was close with died and since then I feel horrible, worthless and scared because I keep having chest pain, and sometimes muscle pain and I'm constantly either thinking about when am I going to die or/and not being able to sleep because I'm constantly thinking about the possibility of me not waking up due to a heart attack, what should I do...


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  • This happened to me as well after my uncle was really sick and died. It's just anxiety and maybe a little panic In there too. My therapist also diagnosed me with PTSD when that happened as well so maybe look into talking to someone. But I was having the same thoughts when it happened to me. You're not going anywhere, you are not going to die or anything. It's all in your mind and anxiety can play tricks on you like that very well. If you don't already have a therapist would you consider getting one to help you begin your healing from this?

  • what scares the most Is really the chest thing and the slight pain that I feel all around... I often get nauseated even I barely eat anything throughout the day and so... I'm just scared of going to sleep and having an heart attack at some point, or dying at any time really... Its 5 am, this is ridiculous... About the therapist, I visited my family's doctor in the summer and she said that I should take some pills (it helped and so), thinking about paying her a visit again... Thanks for the reply, how are you doing currently ?

  • I'm doing fine right now. I have hypochondria as well as ptsd and depression so I know how aches of any sort can be scary. I had chest pains a couple months ago that lasted for a month and I just knew it was angina, I'm only 30 yrs old lol then I was having headaches for like 2 weeks and scared the shit out of myself convinced myself it was an unruptured aneurysm and went to get a cat scan and everything came back normal and I was told by the Dr that I may need glasses. I was up all night every night thinking something was gonna happen in my sleep or any moment of the day, I would break down crying in fear. So I know exactly how you feel. You're not alone.

  • Well I started having anxiety after my best friend died , she was born with a heart defect she never knew she had . For me it was pretty close to home and I started fearing dieing also and panic and anxiety set in and chest pain hyper ventilated a few times as well . Anxiety is trama and things we never dealt with in life . It comes out like a toxin eventually threw anxiety and panic . First thing to know that helped me greatly is you can not die from anxiety . Death affects everyone of us differently. My believe on death is you won't know you die when it's your time . But everything you describe on here tells me you are having anxiety nothing more . Maybe fears of the unknown and that is normal but maybe you should open up to someone about your fears or how this death affected you . Take care I'm here for u if u need me message me .

  • Hi Jimmy..... it's not easy but if you have a good 😊 friend you could call & confidentiality confined in to help you trough, once you have had a chat with your GP good luck πŸ˜‰ keep safe & care about you.

    Peggy πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • This is so Me too.

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