existence anxiety

lately I've been so focused about our existence and things like that and it's really bugging me!!

like i would get thoughts about what if you're the only person that actually exists or what if the thoughts you get aren't normal to humans and stuff like that!!

like at times i would be fine and think to myself why did i believe that but other times its not!!

please help i feel like im going crazy or something !!


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6 Replies

  • I go through the same things as well. I question existence and wonder why we are here, how we became to be, and it just keeps going and going into further detail. It is scary sometimes to wonder this and it does get the heart racing because you wonder how everything came to be. I do believe in the existence of god so i do have some relief, yet even then i question if he is real or not. Lately it hasnt been bothering me much, which is a big deal because i do suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. I cant really say there is a way to get rid of it since there is no way to get rid of thoughts. The feeling of paranoia and anxiety i got from those thoughts somehow went away with time for me. All i can give as advice is to just keep your brain occupied on other thoughts. Keep focused and concentrate on something else, be it work, reading a book, or games that involve some serious thought and strategy. Once you can concentrate on 1thing and keep focus, it willnbecome easier to block unnecessary thoughts. I hope this helps you out.

  • thank you!! yeah i also have GAD and its so annoying !! like i know these thoughts will pass on like any other thought but during the moment its so stressful!! so with you the thoughts went away?

  • Hi its the syptoms of anxiety. It's not dangerous etc.but not pleasant. Try get a referral to occupationaltherapy. They have courses etc free.hope your ok

  • oh okay thank u!

  • Aminaismail, having strange thoughts is quite normal when our minds are tired through stress, worry and anxiety and they don't mean you're going crazy or anything like that. Don't try to banish them from your mind, just accept them as harmless no matter how bizarre they may be, let them rattle away in your mind and in the fullness of time when your nerves settle down and the anxiety goes away they will pass too. Accepting strange symptoms whatever they may be is always the way to deal with anxiety symptoms and when we cease to attach importance to those symptoms they will stop sensitising your nervous system and we will be well on our way along the yellow brick road to recovery.

    The pupose of like is the evolution to higher forms, we arrive in this world with a certain set of skills and strengths and then we are tested by having problems thrown at us, anxiety disorder is one possibility. We grow wiser through facing and overcoming conflict and surviving so that at the end of our mortal lives we have evolved into something higher than that which we were when we were born. This is why cinflict and problems are so essential to human life though our natural incl7nation is to avoid them and this is why the world will never be free of problems as it is essential to our progress. Belief in past lives, future lives or the existence of the big guy upstairs is optional.

  • yeah i will try!! its so hard in the moment but i will try! thanku:)

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