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Extreme dizziness, blurred vision, brain fog

Hi. I have had severe anxiety attacks before in the past starting when i was 16 but just recently I believe I have developed a panic disorder a week before my twins were born. Iv'e gone through the heart attack scare to the stroke scare etc. Iv'e learned how to work through them but there is something else getting at me now. About 5 years ago i felt a pop in the back of my head and a warm sensation shoot around my head. I didn't think much of it but since then it has made me very dizzy feeling sometimes only when i sit down for long periods. Since I have anxiety it's making it 1000 worse. I was wondering if anyone has this problem. More info: (Iv'e been to the er several times with xray cat scan blood work and all came back clean) (anxiety attacks started before the pop in my head) (haven't been to the doctor for my recent anxiety attacks due to insurance so im not sure if it really is anxiety even tho everyone has told me it is)

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Tension in the neck. I would be driving and bam sharp pain in the back of my head where I say owww and I feel the warmth.


is it brought on by anxiety?


It has happen to me on occasions before my anxiety started. The exact description you gave I have felt.


I truly think it is holding tension in the neck and head


i feel that to. like a pressure thats just pushing upwards in the back of the head.


glad to know im not the only one and that makes me feel alot better but im sorry you have this to. Its a pretty worrisome thing to have.


Here lately my tension headaches are pretty bad. Feels like the back of my head wants to explode. Part of anxiety :( the more you concentrate on it the more pronounced it gets unfortunately


It sounds like anxiety but ...I have recently studied that people with anxietys depression could actually have an allergy which is setting off chemical imbalance in our bodies....it could be worth checking out allergy test like wheat ..gluten ..pet dander ..grasses trees . Dairy etc

I'm.going to book in my doctors for one as I'm always on edge headaches ..that warm feeling side of my head tingly and numb etc

This could also be b12 deficiency or thyroid as this can make you feel.like this .... cfs can also upset your body

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