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Confused and tired

Hi all

I can't stop feeling as though I have an anxiety disorder and can't stop googling my symptoms does anyone have these main symptoms

Unsteadiness, fatigue, off balance, tingling, dry mouth, shaking hands, loss of appetite, feeling like i'm going to fall over but me leg and feet muscles stop me, sore neck and shoulder muscles to name a few


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Yes I also get these symptoms!!


Thanks, i'm sure i'm not the only one with these symptoms, just don't know what to do about it, they (symptoms) tend to subside if i'm busy at work or home and concentrating on something, I feel the best when i'm driving the car.

What do you do about your symptoms?


I've had this since Thursday night at work, told a supervisor who seemed like she would be understanding and kind and just told me to eat a chocolate snack like wtf

oh and my arm felt numb for a moment


I am like that all the time....I have to remind myself that " it is all anxiety and I am fine" I just try to ignore everything as much as possible and eventually things settle down. Do u have a hobby? If so really get into it. I love gardening and I am already planning my Spring garden because that, painting rocks and cooking keeps me occupied. Feel free to message me if u want to.


Hi Thanks for that, no hobby really, I'm not enthusiastic about anything and have lost motivation, my job is a golf professional in New Zealand and haven't even played golf for over 2 years now, I just get so tired and unsteady. I wake you with symptoms and go to sleep with symptoms. I rarely eat dinner, only lunch most days. The only time I 'feel' better is when i'm at my most busiest but later on in the afternoon I feel like I have an energy crash and just want to sleep but push myself through the day


I also have these symptoms they seem to be constant too, I cnt wait to wake up n feel normal one day


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