I feel lost and like I am watching myself and others from behind a screen

I feel dreadful. I am anxious all the time. Everything is too much for me I CAN'T COPE. No one seems to take me serious when I say how I feel. I need to escape and get away. I feel like I am watching everyone including myself from behind a screen, nothing seems real. I am in physical pain too, my chest hurts with the panic attacks. My muscles ache because I am constantly tense. My head is messy with thoughts and noise but I can't bear the silence. I can't be by myself but I hate people being near me. CBT has finished and I am waiting for the high intensity course to be started but it's not helped. I am scared by my thoughts and just want everything to stop. Things that used to be so simple now seem impossible which frustrates me. I have panic attacks anywhere at anytime for seemingly no reason. I need this to stop I need to get away but there is too much weighing me down and tying me here.

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  • I can understand exactly how you feel i can hardly breath my chest and back hurt so much after 5 long weeks of constant anxiety

  • I have just been through what you are describing. Go to a professional counsellor ASAP. Makes a big difference. Treat yourself n look after yourself. Tell someone n get help. I didn't think I'd get past my panic attack but I did. Just took a few days n some family support. Hope ur ok x

  • hi lost glad to see are already getting help its just that it can take a while to work and what works for one person might not work for someone else ! are you taking.any medication to help you ! anxiety is so dibilitating but you can get better i do hope everything works out soon david

  • Hey I have everything simular to u its crazy ur not the only one don't worry and it does get better I've had 3 sessions of cbt and it's been a life saver hopefully u will find something that works great for u cos the world is a great place and ull get things sorted soon x

  • Thanks all, it really helps being on here and seeing my thoughts spoken by others, it offers comfort I guess that i am not alone. CBT offered some help with breathing techniques and keeping a worry diary but I still feel consumed by this anxiety and pain. I just hope all this improves soon for each and every person suffering.

  • Hi I feel like this to at times its awful just want you to no your not alone. ...Take care.

  • Thank you. Take care of yourself too.

  • I just wish I could lead a normal life one day without fear or putting myself down its as though I wont allow myself to be happy :-(

  • It's easy to hand out advice isn't it but doing it yourself is just too hard. I hope you are getting treatment and support. Take care.

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