Unsteady, off balance, sore muscles, fatigue and more!!!!

HELP can't get my mind of this weird off balance sensation, stiff and sore neck muscles and more. I have just had a huge spout of diarrhoea and vomiting caused by eating soy sauce, severe dehydrated and was just about in hospital but kept drinking electrolytes (6 litres) in 24 hours phew.......what I noticed was most of my 'anxiety symptoms' wern't present when I was in a bad state and was concentrating on my current problems. After 2 days of recovery I started getting back symptoms of unsteadiness, shaking hands, sore muscles, tingling legs and so on....am getting to annoyed and don't know what to do next, anyone else have this???? and what did you do??

I keep googling my symptoms and everytime it shows anxiety or adrenal fatigue is a huge part of these symptoms, I know I shouldn't google this but just want to feel better. Even typing this i'm making mistakes just about every word....


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  • Being honest here, if you were very dehydrated, you really should go to the ER... Stiff neck muscles, vomiting and etc can be signs of just dehydration, but that could cause kidney failure. I'm sure you are fine, but go have them check you out for safetys sake.

  • Yes went to Doc's and started straight away on oral solutions, blood test all ok but will always show low kidney function with bad dehyration. I still have the stiff neck and shoulder muscles, this hasn't gone away neither has the off balance sensation when standing or walking

  • Maybe a revisit to the doc then? Glad to hear you headed over straight away to get it taken care of.

  • Cool, was in so much pain, both legs cramped up for 15 minutes and couldn't walk and boy, was my legs sore for 3 days now, but these symptoms are back...............

  • Hope it turns out to be nothing significant. Make sure you head back up there.

  • Cheers need a holiday!!

  • Keep going with the fluids and be patient. It is likely it will all settle in a few days

  • I get the neck and dizzy sensation too. The neck tension is caused by stress and it affects the dizziness too. However, your body is also having an adrenalin surge in response to these symptons and your worrying thoughts which causes more dizziness. I,ve found reminding myself of this helps as does breathing in and out slowly and saying "It's just a feeling, its just adrenalin" It takes practice and repertition. You should also try taking up some sort of exercize to burn off the excess adrenalin and up your natural dopamene levels that way your addressing the physical causes as well as the mental. Finally cutting out all sugar and caffeine and white starches and eating 5 - 6 small high protein meals a day will help balance your sugar and insulin levels. It will take time but it will improve gradually. Also see a goodd counselor who uses cbt based therapy and try seeing a chiropractor to help with neck problems.

  • Hi Kiwi, you must be from NZ??

    Yes I have researched adrenal fatigue/exhaustion etc and there's a strong link between adrenal fatigue and anxiety, cortisol levels, diet and so on.

  • Have you had any courses of antibiotics prior to all this happening? With me, a short course of a fluoroquinolone caused so much of this, the dizziness, pain, etc, and it was delayed, so I did not put it together with the Cipro for quite a while. One thing that helps me quite a lot with symptoms is taking a magnesium supplement.

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