Just want it to stop

Just want it to stop

So I am in the middle of washing my hair and I feel my anxiety starting to rear it's ugly head and on top of that a panic attack,for almost 2weeks I haven't had a panic attack which is good in my case. So I am sitting in the bathroom feeling scared ,almost to tears and shaky,wanting to tell someone but I know my closes friends won't understand and just say I am crazy and need help,I just wish someone would understand so I am not suffering by myself, I just want to be able to live again.


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  • Work on mindfulness Headspace progressive muscular relaxation moood gym.

    Only you can do it

  • Hi Teshia13, I have gotten that many times when washing my hair. It's long and takes some effect to wash it in the basement washtub. Just the anticipation of washing my hair could make me feel anxious. There was a time that I needed somebody by me until I was done. The anxiety of feeling dizzyheaded while having my head upside down soaked with shampoo was a trapped feeling for me. The "what ifs" came fast and furious. So I understand what you feel right now. It took a while before I learned how to control my emotions before washing my hair. Deep breathing for me helped a lot. Using positive feelings that nothng was going to happen and even if it did, I wouldn't be the first to go into the ER with disheveled hair. I no longer have any issues when doing this but wouldn't think of going to a salon. At least I'm in control when I am at home. Breathe Teshia. I am here if you need support in rinsing your hair :)

  • That's exactly the way I feel. My bf keeps saying relax it's all in your head but he doesn't understand cos he hasn't been thru it. I went all shaky before nd throat was so dry nd felt like I was gonna faint. I've been prescribed propranolol beta blockers but am terrified to take them. Wish I had the bottle to take one right now to see if it made me feel better

  • I understand, and am feeling the same way now. I heading to take a bath and my stomach is nauseous, even though I haven't eaten in hours. My jaw tenses up, my shoulder become rigid, while my heart race increases. Not quite panic but very intense anxiety, just trying to keep going like nothing is happening, until it passes. When the fear starts to come I have learned to just tell my self that when it is my time to go, it is my time to go and isn't directly related to what I do or don't do. Letting go of my illusion of control helps my shoulders and jaw relax and my heart rate to ease. I have to trust God, if I don't then why believe! He knows what plans he has for me and I will lay down my life for him, so if I'm willing to lay down my life, what is there to fear?

  • God bless your girlie. 😚

  • Do you mind me asking how your panic attacks and anxiety started?

  • Hi my daughters like that about school its not your fault you feel that way i hope you have a support network xx

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