Just feel so weird

I feel so strange and dreamlike and drugged and not myself and I keep having these huge scary crying fits where I just can't stop. I also feel totally hopeless and scared at times. This is frustrating because I've been on a coctail of medications prescribe by a good psychiatrist for 4 weeks now and he seemed confident that they would work (he did a gene test and everything) but they seem to be making me worse. I just feel like I'm going to go crazy.


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5 Replies

  • You're not going crazy (: just take a moment to breathe and don't feel hopeless okay ! You are strong and will power through this and there's no need to be scared, there's people here for you (: 

  • This is exactly how I feel if it makes you feel better, and I'm not even on drugs so I have no idea what is happening to me. My vision is so strange and everything seems dreamy. I also have like zero stamina before I get really dizzy and it's scary! I hope it gets better for both of us

  • I hope you feel better. It really sucks haha

  • I'm 4 weeks into my medication (Citalopram), but by 4pm I cannot keep my eyes open, I try not to give into it so it doesn't affect me sleep at bedtime....it's a vicious circle 😒😒

  • I feel just the same and everything around you feels weird. I get scared I'm going to go blind and just die. Feel so horrible 

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