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Still feeling anxious and depressed

Hey everyone. I'm writing here again because ever since the New Year, my anxiety and depression has gotten worse.

Granted it's the not first time I've had a bit of nervousness at the New Year but after such a big and progressive year like 2016, going to 2017 seems not only surprising but also frightening. I know it seems like I should be positive, but I just keep getting the feeling this year won't live up to what last year offered or what I've accomplished. I suppose it's just the fear of the unknown but it's still very scary.

Because of that, not only has my anxiety still remained but I've gotten depressed to the point where I've become apathetic. I can't enjoy my interests, passions and the simple things in life now because of all this constant, constant thinking and it makes me panic a lot. I try to keep telling myself that "it's all in your head" but it helps very little. During this, I'm getting minor headaches and it also makes me worried I'm either going insane or I have something wrong with me. I really, REALLY hope I'm okay. I just want to enjoy what I use to now but I feel it's pointless because I'm constantly worried that the New Year isn't going to offer the same. Any advice? I'm very scared and concerned.

Thank you

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Hi Marc0133, You certainly aren't the only one who feels anxious and apprehensive with a New Year starting. It is the fear of the unknown and what the year will bring. Whether 2016 was good or bad, 2017 is still in front of us.

What I do Marc, is to take January 1, 2017, as a new day not a new year. It can cut the anxiety by 364 day's worth :) For people with anxiety worrying about the next day is enough for us to handle. The fact is we have no control over tomorrow, just today. As this space line gets smaller, it doesn't seem as threatening. So embrace today, it's all we have. Find something, however small, in today that can restore the little pleasures of interest you once had. Baby steps will get you far. My best to you.

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Hey Agora1

Thank you and you are right, we only have control on the present. I think it may be just the way I think as well and it's become a cycle. I always look to the past because I knew I survived and enjoyed myself whereas the future remains uncertain which can sometimes leave me a nervous wreck. And because 2016 was when my anxiety started to heighten, this New Year was definitely tough to put up with. I fear that 2017 might be worse and I'm already having panic attacks about going insane or becoming seriously ill. As I said, it's not the first time the New Year has scared me but after all the rough moments in 2016, I can't help but cling on my negative thoughts on 2017. Thankfully I'm already working on trying to make 2017 a good year so there's that. Thanks and you too!

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Hi there I can understand everything you say. Anxiety is hard to manage but sharing how you feel really helps. It is thoughts that make us anxious my friend. I have struggled with it for years. Taking one day at a time helps and knowing you can chat to some one who understands you are not on your own. Try things that can distract you and that you enjoy. It is the fight and flight mechanism within us that causes anxiety. It does pass but can be uncomfortable to experience. I get these hot sweats which are horrible but they do pass. I take medication as that helps too. A bit bath and relaxing music. Having a laugh if you can. Exercise and breathing techniques help too. Share anything you want with me if that helps too. Nice to meet you.



Hey dave1960moreton

Thank you. I think a major factor in my anxiety relapse recently is definitely lack of exercise. I mean even before Christmas and New Year, I spent nothing but sit around, eat and occasionally drink at the weekend. I have done some walking but not any real exercise. I do plan however to take longer walks and jog more often. Again, thanks.


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