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Hi everyone I have been doing well last few months.but I'm going to London today to visit my son and for past few days been feeling really anxious and panicky ,I have to go on train ,my son is going to meet me at Euston then we have to go on tube for about 45 mins as he lives in sutton (surrey) and I am feeling very anxious I woke up at 3.30 am sweating ,so I went to make myself a cup of tea and sat in kitchen to cool myself down.ive done the journey before and it wasn't to bad.but last few days I have been panicking just at the thought of the journey.I really want to see my son and grandchildren .the anticipation is always worse for me and all the what ifs !


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  • Take deep calming breaths jessiejakes. Try to do the deep breathing technique. It helps calm down the nerves. I started doing this and it helped a lot. Just remember the positive aspects of your travel. To see your family:)

  • Good advice.

  • Thank you Bekay.

  • Thank you for your reply I was just thinking I'm going to have to cancel my trip as I feel so Bad my belly is rumbling and had to rush to the loo and feeling a bit sick.then I said to myself this is all symptoms of to much adrenaline calm down ! And then I read you reply and I'm sitting here doing the breathing.

  • I read this online thought i'd share it with you "At the same time, the nervous system stimulates the adrenal glands, which release hormones including adrenaline and cortisol that can turn the body into a tense, sweaty mess. Muscle tension (especially in the stomach) helps keep us alert; perspiration helps cool the body down. The smooth stomach muscles are also extra-sensitive during the fight-or-flight response, and the added sensitivity may be partly to blame for that fluttery sensation. Some researchers refer to the stomach as the “second brain,” based on findings that the gut contains 100 million neurons linking it to the brain, known as the brain-gut axis."

    I get the same feeling too. I have learned to rub liniment oil on my tummy and wrap a scarf arouns my waist. It eases the butterfly in my tummy feeling and i end up, excuse me lol---farting a lot or have to use the toilet--- but it helps when i do that. Since i went to the gym 2 daya in a row, and im.not the type who.goes there. I hate the gym. Since going there juat regular treadmill then sauna for 30mins, i noticed a vast difference in my mood and mindset. Exercise regularly was the one advice my doctors told me that i never really considered. And now i gave it a try and i liked it.

  • I like train rides,only been once but it was a lot of fun I met some really nice people. It's going to be OK . you'll probably me some real nice and understanding people. You know it always works out in the end,then you realize you got worked up for nothing.

  • Hi thankyou for your reply ,I get so worked up I feel physically sick and keep needing the toilet ,then I get worried I may have a accident if there isn't a toilet nearby as I get IBS

  • I can identify, there are times when I think its just gas but it's a good thing there is a toilet around , my stomach does not feel right all the time I hardly ever eat when I do IBS is not far away. Anxiety sucks.

  • Hi I have cancelled my trip today as my IBS has started up due to me being anxious.and the tube journey at the other end is 45 minutes and they don't have toilets on.rang my son at 6 am and he was very understanding and said dont worry mum get yourself back to bed you can't travel like that.

  • Sorry to hear this I've often got like this in the past before a trip out but have managed to break the cycle. I often take Imodium before a trip and can recommend reading Anxiety Panicking about Panic by Justin Fletcher. I have IBS and Anxiety. X

  • Hi thankyou for your reply I kept my diet light yesterday as I knew I would be traveling on train then 45 mins on tube with no toilet.but unfortunately IBS kicked in.but that's a good idea to take imoduim didn't think of that.can you take it with diazepam ?

  • Check with doc or pharmacist. Am sure it's fine Imodium is a mild medication. You can always take some evening before an outing then again in the morning. I use it for trips and holidays and general flare ups. X

  • Thankyou will ask pharmacist I think that's why I get panicky and that starts my bowels off.but good to hear imoduim will stop me wanting to go.and it helps you as I'm going on holiday in sept and was dreading the airport waiting and flight.

  • Def Imodium then I used it when we went abroad in June. It's def worth working on your anxiety am sure you can break the cycle in the long run try some self help books and cbt would be good for you x

  • Oh, I didn't know ,what the tube was I think they call that the subway in U.S. ya no good not having a toilet,some of the meds I take help with the IBS not that I just don't eat but the side effects of constipation kind of help when it comes to emergency bathroom

    (runs).no pun intended

  • Can you take imoduim with diazepam though ?

  • Ok just read the update. Lets work this out together. There has to be a trigger that sets us off, that is a limited belief of some kind.

    I get exactly like this.

  • Yes anxiety I can cope with its the physical symptoms that cause the problems the IBS like you said .I kept my diet light yesterday because I was going to be travelling.but it still came with a vengeance.

  • You described my travel panic. I stopped traveling because of this. How did you get through this? And when you come back please tell me how your trip helped you get past the anxiety. Please. Im land locked. (And Lord knows

    I know exactly how you felt)

  • check out this video (:

  • Thankyou for the video it does make sense.but unfortunately I get physical symptoms like needing the toilet urgently ! And need to be within a few feet of the toilet,as the anxiety causes my irritable bowel syndrome to kick in.

  • Cool video

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