Is this anxiety?

For the past couple months I have been struggling on & off with anxiety, derealization & depression. Lately I've been feeling like my lungs are just tired & i need to cough but dont, I get really weak & my upper body feels tight & i just don't know what to do with myself when this wave of odd sensations comes over me. I have weird thought of just dropping to the floor and trying to sleep it away or running as fast as I can to make the weird buzzing in my body go away. are these odd sensations just my anxiety?? I had really bad heart "thuds" the other night which sent me into a panic and since then have not felt right.


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  • Everything you have mentioned are classic anxiety symptoms, the thoughts are not really weird when you think about it, it is a natural way of you trying to escape from the feelings you cannot find a physical reason for, you want to goto sleep until its gone or run away from it, unfortunately none of the above will really work, you cannot run away from yourself and if you do not manage the symptoms they will be waiting for you when you wake up. The best management I have found is acceptance, accept the fact that your mind is causing these things to occur and accept that its part of who you are, I found that once I do this it gets rid of about 90% of it, because you care less about it and it cannot create the worry that it feeds on. I have felt all the things you have described, when I go through a "good patch" all of the problem disappear and I feel 100% normal, when I am stressed and worried about things they all return again.

  • Thankyou it puts me at ease knowing this seems "normal". Im trying to accept it and hopefully this & some rest will help

  • Sounds like anxiety. Derealization sucks. I've had it twenty four seven for almost six months. Since my first panic attack. But is does lessen especially when you stop thinking about It and worrying over what it is.

  • Yes it does suck. It's gotten alot better once I found out what it was, I just wish the 24/7 panic would stop. Best wishes to you

  • Yeah I know. Panic is awful

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