screaming on the inside

Why does anxiety symptoms have to be so brutal?

i am in so much pain these last couble of days just freaks me out literally everything! My body is super aware of each and every sensation in my body i feel like i can even feel my blood running through my vains" how crazy is that"? Sleeping these days gosh what a nightmare bu itself. It feels like when i try and get to sleep at night i get pulled out ubrubtly brcause im going in to deep.Burning sternum, burning achy feelings in both my arms, sometimes they feel so heavy and my vingers pinky and ting vinger go numb at night when i lie on my back! i am so tired today. Shooting pains under my left breast but it moves to right aswell but either way its there constantly. I smile because my kids need me to..I am in pain but i need to scream on the inside

Please Lord help us all


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  • sorry about spelling ( might be a new anxiety symptom) hahaha

  • Lolol that was funny

  • Hi antianxiety, you may very well need to scream, but outwardly. I think you have held on to so much fear, anger and resentment too long now. You feel every sensation in your body because all the negative feelings keep going round and round in your mind. The fact that your mind controls what your body feels, it's never ending. Traumatic episodes in our lives tends to ignite the anxiety as well as keep it going. Somewhere along the way, there needs to be a break in this cycle of symptoms. Sometimes medication for a short time as well as therapy can help get you unstuck and start moving forward. The thing is when on meds you need to work with the meds for a solution. We can move a million miles away and start anew but as long as the thoughts are in our mind, they come along for the ride as well.

    I hope for your sake as well as the children, you will start accepting things that have happened to you and move forward. Right now it is not a good place for any of you to be. We will support you as always and help you take those steps forward. There are many of us who have beaten this anxiety demon and I will tell you, life can be great again. The first step is that you are using the forum, the second is that we are here to help you. x

  • hi Agora1

    Been coping but these couble of days has just been bad. I got anxiety meds called pax from doctor the other day just to use when i really need to as but having health anxiety aswell im trying to ride it out ( not a good idea i know) i have been going through some hectic stuff 2016 has been a very rough year on my marriage and family. I know i need to see a therapist as well and will defnitely be doing this as soon as I can. The physical symptoms that is the worst, i feel pretty good most days but then the physical symptoms just come out of the blue. i know that emotions for me is like my worst enemy thats how i feel about that. i do everything that seems normal and fun but inside i feel the pain husband and i seem to always get into a argument when i say i dont feel okay so now i just dont say anything anymore so its difficult when you feel like you have no support, but how can he understand what i battle each day how can anyone if they havent gone threw it themselves

  • Oh, so you two are together again? That must be difficult, not having the support or understanding and having children. I'm glad you are starting therapy it's a good combination with the meds even for a short time. Once you figure out where you are going, your mind will settle down as well as the bodily symptoms. They do go hand in hand. Good Luck dear with therapy. x

  • yeah we are trying but let me tell you its so hard especially because its even more broken than before and its always to easy to blame each other. but thank you so much for your advice and just being here on thd forum to help people as we all need it so bad.

    Gods blessings


  • Hey there!!! First off please do not feel alone. I suffer from health anxiety myself and I can tell you what your saying is normal for the nonormal if that makes sense. We become aware of every pain, tinge, ache, and we focus on that. I AM GUILTY of this myself and going through it right now. Our bodies are screaming for help but our minds will not set them free. Sleep is terrifying and staying awake your just kind of spaced out or in constant worry. I have 2 babies myself and I have to keep it together for them when some days I just want to sit in my bathroom and cry. Have you tried writing all of it seems to help me very much

  • hi Asley

    Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear you going threw the same crap each day..we are fighting against ourselves each day and its so hectic...if i look back at my life and ask myself where did this all happen i can truly see the spikes that caused the scale to i just need to get dealing with it..You are in my prayers and im here when you also just need to talk..

    God bless


  • Sound like me smh it is very scary these feelings. I have been dealing with anxiety off and on since I was 16 and I turn 34 next week. I just feel cheat tightness and my breathing feels weird on and off throughout the day. My issue is more depression from all this anxiety smh. I feel so down and sad and like u said u have to stay strong in front of the kids and act happy. I took my daughter to a water park and she was so excited to play with me in the water and so ecstatic! But all I can think of is how my heart felt or the tightness in my chest smh it was 30% fun and 70% anxiety thinking smh like "what if my heart stops" what if I have something happen smh its just so much its horrible. It feels like anxiety is robbing our lives right? Smh. I've been on and off medication for the past 10 yrs .. When I'm on them I feel better then I abruptly stop and then anxiety kicks in whenever life gets rough for me and I end up back on. This time I've been going through some stuff so I've been fighting it on my own but I'm getting so sick of medicine to make me happy smh. Self thinking and positive thinking doesn't work for me. I'm trapped in my own mind.....

  • Yes i know how u feel when u are trying to have fun but in the back of your mind all you can think about is anxiety and the symptoms it is causing at that time

  • hi hopeforthebest

    We sound like one person i think! Its so horrible and scary right? but i thank God that He is helping me each and everyday..its such a struggle and meds yes they just smother what emotions you have left well most of them thats why i dont want to take them..if i could just get the physical symptoms at bay i would be able to just cope..

    Please any time you need to vent let me know a comfort person is a big help and im here for you when needed.

    God bless


  • Ooh i feel your pain are u feeling any better now?

  • hi cwoods

    Had a better day yesterday but symptomps come and go through out the day..I am trying so hard to make myself believe its only anxiety really.

    How are you holding up?

  • Thats the hardest part convincing yourself its just that...anxiety but just keep on pressing on and u will be fine. For me im holding up ok just like you they come and go i have good and bad days for the good days i rejoice and enjoy them lol with the bad i try not to let myself sink in that hole where it keeps u there for a long time.

  • helps to talk to people thar knows how you suffer truly.So thanks for the reply. yeah good days dont know when last i had that but i should try and be positive and allow myself to just breath hey.

  • Yess trying to be positive helps im now feeling anxious had a symptom that triggered it all 😥 out of nowhere it happened

  • me aswell i feel terrible right now like waiting for something bad to happen

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