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Does anyone with health anxiety ever feel a pain and then imagine how the inside of their body looks and how it must loook so different and unhealthy compared to everyone else's and they are seconds away from something terrible happening? I am back to square one, -almost got myself out of this mess but my foot pain has stopped me being able to walk so I'm left sat here by myself with my thoughts going crazy and analysing ever symptom of anxiety which makes it ten times worse :(


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  • I have a racing heart yes and ive been imagining the inside of my aortic valve fluttering away which i could see it to see if it was. Used to have a bp machine when i worked in nursing homes but ive lost that too. why have u got foot pain do u need an operationxx

  • I suffer with gout and it's just taken me back to the beginning as I can no longer get out the house and exercise and it brings my mood down which has led to my anxiety returning :( life isn't fair!

  • Gout can be treated, have you discussed a way forward here.

    i suffer Gout and I take medications to control my problem

    Talk to your GP


  • It's just so annoying as I was doing well with anxiety and this has knocked me back a lot.

  • The condition is very painful so if that is what it is your GP can give advice.

    In my case it is a Secondary problem I suffer every now and again.

    This is a real condition you have and they will help.


  • I just got my bloods back and they want to redo my urate but the other two they checked for was fine? What does this mean. I don't think phone handlers should discuss the bloods as they don't really understand what they are talking about.

  • Yes i do!!!! It is overwhelming!!! I literally feel like I can see inside my body through my mind and it freaks me out. It too slows my progress down.

  • I am a firm believer, the human body is like a car, If it is not broken do not fix it also never look for trouble or trouble will find you

    I know sometimes by my own attitude, and associated errors


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