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Just thought I would say good morning everyone , I've had my anxiety for so many years , I seem to get it more while on holidays so you can imagine what it is has been like over the Christmas . I work in education so we have a longer break , which is great in one hand but not in another . I think what doesn't help either is that while you work in a school you get a double dose of Christmas with all the preparations , shows parties then you pack it all up then start over again when you get home . I'm not a big fan of Christms , I just feel we are forced into it , you know buying pretending to enjoy it all . As I'm now 56 years I've lost loved ones over the years so that doesn't help either . I would class myself as quite spiritual not religious so i would like to think i have done a lot of self work on myself , you know learning from past mistakes adjusting my thinking hopefully for the better and because of that now I find it difficult to mingle with those who have not adjusted there ways , sounds like I'm being judgmental but I'm not . I guess it's a way of protecting myself from those who have hurt me and of course me not doing or saying things I used to . This has also added to my anxeity and also cause depression . What do you do when you have created a life that is supposed to make things better when really it has cause such restriction . My childhood wasn't to create my father a military man liked physically beats me , he like to drink shout , break things have lots of strangers in the house who drank shouted and on occasion fights would break out in the house . This has now created much fear/anxiety around lots of men who drink so you would never find me in a pub and now that they have football on TVs , with everyone shouting would freak me out . I would love to me like minded people who would like similar activities buts not easy these days .oops looks like written a lot here hope you don't mind . Hope your day is going ok . Be blessed everyone

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  • Yes you have been through so much which understandably would cause much anxiety, glad you stay away from loud drunk men in pubs and such, where you will be mist likely to find more if the same. Yes the a holidays are crazy anymore, we bust out buts to make enough money to buy gifts for so many that we can't afford and paying bills too, then there are the credit cards we rely on when there is not enough cash . So yes I understand . But breathe now because they are over. So try and slow your mind down , easier said than done , I wish I could just relax with this health anxiety. But unfortunately there is no quick fix. I just keep praying.

  • Hi Lyni

    Thank you for replying , would you like a chat anytime . Just drop me a line . I could do with some friends these days .

  • Yes anytime, I could use the same. Have a blessed and peaceful day

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