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Good morning all u beautiful people !!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

i just want 2 say no matter who u r or what ur going through u all have a reason 2 b proud of urselves as these probs r not easy 2 deal with and am thankful that there is somewhere like this where we can all talk !! best wishes 2 u all and just know if u need 2 talk i would b happy 2 lend an ear as ur never alone i no sometimes it feels as if u r ,take it from me i often isolate myself 2 deal with the things thrown my way but i have hope and sometimes its all i have !!! much love 2 1 and all X X X X : )

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none of u have 2 b sorry as its something we cant help ,and people that judge should take a good look at theirselves ,how many people would b able 2 walk in ur shoes and deal with the things we do with out being afected in some way or another just a positive 4 the day XXXX


Thank you lonestar , thats a lovely blog & you are right

Shall remember your offer of a listening ear & same here if you ever need one

Hope you have a lovely day :-)





no worries whywhy u have a lovely day 2 xxxx


hi guys has anyone heared a tune by a guy called everlast called what its like great tune in my thoughts ! may b good 4 some and maybe not 4 others but i think its a cracking tune !!


got 2 go 4 now but will b bk ,feel free 2 leave a message anytime have a good one guys and stay strong xxxxx : )


HI, i want some of what your on :) xxxxxxxxxx


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