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Physical Symptoms and Thoughts

Hey all,

This is the first time I'm posting on a forum about my anxiety but I just feel like I need to reach out to people that suffer from this condition and that can either experience what i go through to any degree.

I am a healthy gym going 21yo male from the UK and was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having anxiety and panic disorder.

I currently take 10mg of Escitalopram and I am going into my 5th week on it, IMO it's helped massively in curbing the anxiety and minimising the amount of time I spend feeling anxious and the severity of the attacks. I am also in my third week of CBT something I have found to be useful when applying the lessons when not going through an anxiety and panic attack or feeling overwhelmed.

But to the point of this post.

I have just had an anxiety attack consisting of feeling like I'm about to faint, headache, sweating, shakiness, eyes won't rest or slow down.

I hate this all so much but do you guys think that this is defy anxiety related

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I just also want to add, I feel like weird sensations around my head and down to my nose.

Since being diagnosed I have felt every single physical symptom of anxiety:

Chest Pains

Heart Palpitations

being the scariest of them all

I have done bloods and they came back fine, one ECG and a cardiologist said that the readings were normal.

Overtime I have measured my BP i notice that it is raised but I think thats because i am permanently stressed out about all this at the moment.


I know i am not depressed and that what i am feeling and experiencing overall is anxiety.

But the weird sh** this puts in your head is terrifying.

It feels like my brains is an old PC and the fans aren't cooling it down quick enough.

I get odd mild feelings of derealisation that just make me space out; I know I am alive but its all a bit existential.

And then combined with these odd thoughts and the physical sensations on a daily basis I just think I am generally dying.

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Well, welcome to the world of anxiety. It really isn't pleasant and feels downright weird at times. Your symptoms aren't bizarre, and you'll be hearing from others

who successfully adjust and live a good life even with some of these issues.


Hello. Hummmm. Not a doctor, but do know we are a massive complication of chemistry, and anxiety can play on that. To be certain, please discuss your anxiety episode with your doctor, along with any other meds you may be taking as well as any health type drinks you use in conjunction with your workouts at the gym. Try to keep your calm as much as possible until you are able to reach your doctor.


I don't supplement at gym just try to maintain a healthy/balanced diet.


Sounds like a pretty typical anxiety attack and the symptoms could all be caused by anxiety too. Are you seeing a therapist or psychiatrist?


Both. I see my Psychiatrist once a month for a medical check up and meds check up.

and weekly see a therapist whose working through CBT and ACT

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oh, duh you wrote that in your post LOL. Have the symptoms subsided now?


yeah they've slightly calmed down. GOD I hate this it feels like after therapy I make so much progress then only two minutes later I am back to square one

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Suggestion: write to us on this post after your session if you feel you made progress. Seeing it in print and sharing your feelings may help you to remember that you are making progress. :)


deep breathing usually helps me get rid of some of the physical symptoms

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Hi, so glad you had the courage to seek help from the correct places. When I first when on this drug I felt worse, but the GP’s said to stick with it as it’s just our bodies adjusting. It took about 3 months for me to level out, but I know we are different. After 6 months we adjusted my dose to 20mgs as I felt it wasn’t enough for my symptoms. Again it took me several months to settle, but after I felt so very much better. I’m still on the same dose 4 years later & am pleased to have my life back & feel like myself again! Good luck & keep up your gp reviews. 💜


I feel like my 10mg is starting to have effect on my anxiety... although i think what its done is push all the anxious moments to a lower level.

I still feel anxious daily but not as intense, but with the anxious thoughts subsided I tend to focus more on the physical symptoms of the disorder. New ones everyday it feels like which are the scariest and even when I'm not having a panic attack


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