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New here

Hi everyone

I'm new here so thought I would make myself known . I've suffered with anxiety for many years . It is a very isolating condition , I used to very social , loved music as I was a dancer played guitar but now that has ended because of anxiety . It not only effects you physically but also emionaly and mentally . My joints , muscles ache , my concentration has gone out the window .i do have my good days , sometimes even weeks so they are the times I look forward to and try enjoy that time as best as I can .

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Hello & Welcome :-)

Sounds like you have been having an interesting life with the dancing etc and one you can get back again if you want :-)

Are you getting any treatment from your Doctor for your Anxiety ?

I would start by going and talking with my GP and seeing what they can offer either medication or Counselling and you have already made a great start by joining this Community with so many people who understand how Anxiety makes you feel and how it can disrupt your life

Take Care x


Hi Lullu

Thanks for the welcome , I've had a terrible time this Christmas . I've been trying to deal with the anxiety on my own with alternative remedies . Always trying to find new ways to manage the condition with mediation , a ballance day diet , just gave up coffee so going to how that effects everything .in the past I've done counselling , mostly to do with grief and past traumors . I don't drink alcohol or smoke so that is a bonus but sometimes I think I'm restricting myself from many things in life that all I have left is the anxiety . I'm looking forward to chatting to others and hopefully bridging that gap with anxiety and having a life .


Welcome starjumper,Nice to hear from you i like yourself am relatively new on this forumn and have found it very welcoming and supportive,A word in your doctors ear would be well worth it just for him to explain the different approaches to this condition that can be taken we are all here to listen as well as help if we can help we will... take care of you ...Lou


Thank you WAGSS6

I'm going to try and get an appointment with my doctor tomorrow . Will update everyone .


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