Cursed? Or not

Have you guys ever thought or believed in being cursed? Like what's up with all these things we go thru everyday things that never seem to have an end!! I honestly don't believe or want to believe in that stuff but what we all go thru is so horrible and not normal!! I freak out sometimes thinking about it, is this really anxiety/ depression all the weird thoughts the fears the dizziness!!?


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5 Replies

  • I don't belive in being cursed; i think its anxiety you may have; if you have not done so, go see your GP; in meantime, try relaxation techniques/apps on your mobile; eat healthier, exersize x

  • It sometimes feels that way, as it get so heavy and hard to shake off. Are you a believer? This last year just gone has felt like a massive curse but I'm praying this new year is blessed.

  • Yes I am a believer and I know if I so much believe or trust in Jesus I shouldn't think like that because he's the only one that has always gave me comfort!

  • I pray for God to give you peace and strength in this situation, I've been suffering for 8 months now and it was so bad I couldn't get out of bed, maybe you have adrenal fatigue or thyroid problems as I've found with my symptoms they're very similar to those illnesses, I've had so many tests and nothing comes back. Last night I had bad sleep I kept waking breathless :(

  • For me, I have Dyspraxia which is very similar to Autism, I think of it a double curse because a lot of people don't believe that its real. People always forced me to do things that I just can't do. I often cry because no one really care about it.

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