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To medicate or not to medicate?


Hi all-

This is my first post. I've always been a worry wart since childhood. I relate it to growing up with different forms of abuse in my home. I seemed to be ok in early 20-30's. Honestly, I would often self medicate with pot or alcohol. It was mainly pot until that started giving me panic attacks. Then turned to alcohol. Never was an alcoholic, but a drink or two a night really helped me out. Until one day I was out with a friend and a waitress noticed my flushing when I drank. I of course googled it and learned I may have Asian alcohol flush syndrome and it comes with increasing risk for esophageal cancer. Any how, in the last two years I have been diagnosed with Hoshimotos/hypothyroidism and premature ovarian failure. I don't think either of these conditions help my anxiety. Needless to say I became obsessed with researching my health conditions because I'm determined to feel better. However, I believe that the research has become somewhat like OCD. I believe my increasing anxiety and the OCD with research is negatively affecting my life. I just don't know rather to medicate or not. I am seeing a therapist a couple times a month, but doesn't do a lot for the anxiety. My thyroid medication is off right now and I know this doesn't help things. I would like to hear pros and cons with medication if any are willing to help me out. If I do decide on medication I'd rather not lose the last of what is left of my labido!

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Hi. I can relate a bit to your issues as I'm in surgically induced menopause. Are you receiving HRT for your POF, as well as meds for your hypothyroid?

My anxiety went off the scale due to the surgical meno. - partly because my hot flushes run into panic attacks (its the adrenaline surge before a flush that sets it off for me). I drove myself bonkers researching what the hell was wrong and how to fix it!

I don't use HRT (I did try but it made my anxiety worse), so I am now using mindfulness techniques which help a lot but it's still tricky.

Can I ask if you're a member of any support groups for POF? There is one called The Daisy Network based in the UK but I believe it's forum is open to anyone wherever you live. xxxx

Thanks for replying Tempestteapot! To answer a few questions, yes I'm on thyroid medication as well as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Before my premature ovarian failure diagnosis, I had my first panic attack that sent me to the hospital because I didn't know what was happening.

Since having both of those diagnosis, I've had increased anxiety. The anxiety towards my health is particularly bad. When ever they increase my thyroid medication, I get anxiety pretty badly. I'm not quite sure if I've gone slightly mental, or have a full blown anxiety disorder now. It's really frustrating. My thyroid makes me feel crumby and I've researched it to death at this point.

I've also tried Ltheanine and magnesium to help because I've researched that they can help anxiety. Sometimes I'm ok, other times I feel desperate for a stronger medication. Tired of feeling like crap and I'm not sure exactly what to attribute it to. Beginning to wonder if it's purely anxiety making me feel this way.

I know balancing estrogen replacement with thyroid hormones can be a delicate balance. I used to run a forum thread for ladies in surgical meno.and have come across this a few times.

Magnesium certainly helps - Dr. Elizabeth Vliet who writes extensively about HRT always advises magnesium when using replacement estrogen as it can actually lower magnesium (I use it myself).

I think we share a lot in common - I drove myself truly mad researching! I do have access to occasional diazepam if I need it, but tbh I never do as I don't want to become reliant on it.

A technique I really like is 4,7,8 breathing - you can find a video on YouTube and it's very simple. It helps to balance the parasympathetic nervous system so is ideal for ladies with hormone issues. I find it also helps you to drop off to sleep easier too. xx

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Great post 🤗

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Hi i can relate to you I'm going through menopause and I'm ill with anxiety panic attacks palpitations and basically every symptom.i can't have HRT due to stroke.lately had a vague/fatigue feeling followed by hot flush.i use minds fullness technique check out dr Clare weekes on u tube she is fantastic old school doctor but it helps.thinking of u take care xx

Ooh, and I forgot to ask - are you adding testosterone replacement to your HRT? It can make all the difference to mood and libido - The Daisy Network recommend that women who are POF/POI consider adding it in, if appropriate.

Low testosterone in women can contribute to anxiety. xx

Hi,BB! Gosh - its tough isn't it? You might like the 4,7,8 breathing too - its great for hormonal adrenal surges! xx

Yes, my Dr. has me on 4 mg, but it doesn't seem to raise my levels whatsoever. She won't increase it anymore, she doesn't want me to grow a beard lmao. I am really low on DHEA and have low sex hormone binding globulin. When I research the shbg it says that can be low when you have low t3 thyroid hormones. I have to restrain from Dr. google, as its driving me mad. I also think having Dr.'s blow me off for years before my diagnosis has also lead to me feeling like I need to be my own advocate.

I will look those up thanks for the replies!!

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