Mystery solved, not always anxiety

So for a year i been battling "anxiety" and the doctors kept brushing me aside, well i kept going to see them over and over because i know what anxiety feels like and this wasnt it. Was sent home repeatedly and even lectured by doctors, until i passed out a few weeks ago after eating. I ended up having my blood drawn and my blood surgar at 2 in the afternoon was only in the 50s, my insulin was thru the roof, but my A1c was perfect as were my other test, so i had what they called Hyperinsulinemia without type 2 diabetes, now we are currently looking into whats causing this but we havent had a formal diagnosis yet, the doctor that took my case looked back over my medical file and said for the past 14 months my blood surgar has been really low without anyone telling me but prior to that time period it was normal. Now this still isnt the best news for me, because i have to find out why this is happening, but it does prove that its not all in our heads like they say. I am beyond pissed, but happy and sad all in one. Im sorry to any of you suffering anxiety and as long as im still alive i will continue to post what they find so that this may help another poor soul who knows its not anxiety to look on the endocrine side of things. Dont sit and just accept that their right all the time. If something feels off keep speaking up!!!! Im a perfect example of what happens when you get brushed aside, a year lost, organ damage, lost relationship, lost work time, lost money, its really not worth it. Take care and i will pray you all feel better soon.


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  • Hi armyguy, thank you for sharing your experience . So sorry you had to go through so much before doctors found what was really wrong. Good thing you were persistent and kept going back to them for an answer . Definitely we know when something is not right with our bodies and can't attribute everything to anxiety alone . Keep us updated on your condition. Take care .

  • Thank you for your preserverance and support 😃

  • it may not be that simple and treatment is diet and exercise, just like for anxiety.

    Was metabolic syndrome mentioned as this also involves raised insulin levels and is very common?

    The key point is whether your anxiety symptoms will now improve.

    I'll be interested to hear of your progress, but as with anxiety, lifestyle is a key part of treatment.

  • I'd be angry too, why the hell didn't they tell you your blood sugar was low!

    I've just read some of your other posts and some of your symptoms are like mine, especially the head exploding feeling, luckily that's only happened to me 3 times in the night but it was unbearable and each time lasted about 4 hours, I was pacing up and down leaning on things and was so close to ringing for an ambulance but didn't, it wasn't a panic attack as my breathing was normal and I wasn't shaking, just felt like every blood vessel in my face and head was going to explode. I also get heart palps after eating, propranalol did help but I've come off them now as I was wheezing a lot. I get out of breath really easily now just walking for 20min and have quite a few episodes of almost fainting when standing up with heart pounding in chest and have to sit back down.

    Hope you find out the cause and get fixed as soon as possible.

  • Ask your GP to send you to endocrine and have them check your fasting glucose and blood surgar to be safe. Lately im getting my ass kicked by anxiety symptoms on top of these and its a pain in the ass. Im almost not able to get out of bed, girlfriend just broke up with me because she cant handle it anymore and i got this diagnosis which is moving some where but im afraid of where its going. Feels like its getting worse.

  • Will do but I'm sure the doc will just say wait for the other tests to come back first and wait to see what the gastro says first (who I saw 2 months ago) then try a higher dose of these tablets first etc.

    I've probably not got anything wrong with me I dunno but it feels like my stress level is stuck on 50% (17 months now) and anything that makes me a tiny bit more stressed makes it shoot to a hundred but I'm not worrying about anything and I don't have a stressful life. I have had anxiety with it in the past (which is horrible) and when you've got that you can't sleep thinking of stuff and you loose your appetite but for the last 3 months I can instantly fall sleep, wake about 4ish fall straight back sleep then wake at 8 feeling horrendous. My appetite has always been fine as well but my stomach is totally messed up. Doctors always say your worrying about stuff (which I class as anxiety) but I'm not as I wouldn't be able to fall straight sleep.

  • Hi armyguy, it didn't surprise me about your diagnosis. By that I mean the doctors didn't know what was wrong with you!! It just takes that one doctor who really knows his stuff to see how it all adds up!! The thing is as hard as it's been for you you haven't given up. We all know our own minds and bodies and we know when something isn't right!! But we get made to feel we are mad and hypochondriacs!! I hope now you can finally get on the road to recovery at long last.

  • Adrenal gland tumor possibly

  • Ok!! wow very unexpected I'm sure!! But if that's what's causing you to be the way you are then hopefully you can get some treatment to get it sorted out. Human bodies are crazy intricate messy things sometimes when they start letting us down.

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