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Any advice please?

Hi all

I have had anxiety and panic attatcks for a year now, it started this time last year and ended up in an ambulance as thought I was dying!

I constantly have chest pains both varying from right to left sides and I constantly worry about dying and what would happen to My children.

I want to get over This so I can enjoy life again and time with my husband and family.

What route would you recommend I take? Counselling?, CBT, etc?

I have tried kalms, yoga, downloaded lots of apps! And tried to do what I read on line like write things down! But nothing still working. Please help xxxxx

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Try downloading smiling mind and doing one of the meditations. Before bed and when you wake up it helps by taking your mind off things and I am also someone who suffers from anxiety


Hi Han1985, i also get the chest pain thing,have had ECG and blood tests done and all clear thank god, although i am thinking of requesting a cardiogram to be 100% sure.I was real bad 5 yrs back and ended up in hospital as my anxiety was so bad i seriously thought i was having a heart attack.Those symptoms came out of the blue and was a first for me, have been struggling ever since.


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I go talk to somebody and its things u can look up on the computer about anxiety and ways to relax i have panic attacks acid reflux and all over pain


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