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i've had a headache for almost a week now and its always like this i get 2 days where i am headache free then i would get a headache for a week straight. Does anyone ever get it like this? its not a awful headache its a mild one but it really bothers me. For the longest I been thinking i've got a tumour but I've finally got a CT scan.

I thought this will be the end of my health anxiety but I'm still worried and i've still got a headache I read somewhere that an MRI is better to diagnose tumours and I read an article that someone who actually has a tumour their tumour didn't show up on the CT scan but it did in the MRI. I know this is all just anxiety but I'm just wondering if my headaches are persistent because of my fear of brain tumours.

I really don't want to go into the habit of health anxiety and search for more tests to get the same answers. I should be thankful that my CT scan is normal, but i just want to know if anyone else has been through or is going through the same thing


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  • When I was in middle school and high school I would literally have a headache 4-5 days out of a week. Some were severe and others were just bothersome. I had a CT scan, allergies checked, eyes checked, and my PCP checked me out. This was before I had terrible anxiety though, but I eventually just stopped seeking answers. The headaches over the years have gotten better and they are nowhere near as frequent.

  • ohh right! thats very reassuring, it might be because it wasn't something you were use to i mean 4-5 headaches does some quite bad and i assume you didn't have headaches so often before so you might have been stressed. Basically the same scenario i am in right now. I guess over the years you gotten use to them and accepted nothing was wrong, i hope i can do the same although I hope it doesn't take years :(

  • Well I have health anxiety myself, mainly centered around my heart. Had a HUGE work up with that a few months ago. But if you have seen the doctors and taken the correct measures to look for answers, and they say they can't find anything you really need to try to accept this. Easier said than done I know, however if it was something extremely serious it would have shown up on the CT. I just gave up, because every where I went they kept saying they couldn't find anything wrong. So I believed them and went on with it.

  • i also had an obsession with my heart as well i had horrible chest pain, spasms and a stitch like feeling near my heart its awful. oh and palpitations that scared the shit out of me, i wouldn't say i've overcome this but i don't care for it much at all probably because I'm paying attentions to my headache so much. Yes i've had a neurological exam and CT scan and nothing is showing up, but youre right I'm sure it will show in the CT. Thank you for your help!

  • Yeah palpitations are the worst! I went through those recently, but lately they have seem to get less and less which is a weight off my shoulders! You're welcome, if you ever need to talk to someone, just let me know! That is what I am here for!

  • Hi i to am suffering bad headaches sometimes thay wake me up in the night last night i woke up at 1am with bad head dñt go bk to sleep untill 5 this morning. I'v had headaces for years now had a few scans & everything was ok just have to take painkillers & hope it goes away, if docs cñt find anything wrong with you thay say its all in your head ha! Ha!.

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