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So I suffer from general anxiety and agoraphobia and have done for between 9 months - a year.

I hadn't left my house in weeks and weeks at one point.... and this week I actually took a quick trip with my 2 kids and partner to the local supermarket. (That's a big step for me). On the way there I started feeling my tongue tingling and I managed to calm myself. Walking round the shop for 5-10 minutes I was 'ok' and normally on the way home from somewhere I'm ok as I know I'm going home but this time I was feeling tightness in my throat and chest which made me feel a bit dizzy as hard to breath.

I'm supposed to be travelling all the way to Devon from Nottingham on Friday as it's my dad's wedding and I'm worried about it.

What if I have panic attacks the whole way there (4 hour car journey).

What if I have attacks the whole time I'm in Devon!!!

What should I do to just snap out of it? Please help!


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  • I am right there with you! I try not to drive because I don't want to have an attack while driving. Is there anyone else that can drive?

  • I'm not driving. I have attacks just being in the car or leaving my house!! Oh dear

  • There was a point where I also had attacks leaving the house and being in the car, are you taking any medicine and are you seeing a therapist?

  • Not taking any meds as I was prescribed sertraline/lustral and the first one I took I had every side affect and it gave me depression for 4 days so I didn't take them.

  • Okay I definitely understand I also had to switch out my meds when I first started taking medication for my depression and anxiety. You should return to your doctor and see if you can try something new and also look for counseling/ therapy that can definitely make a huge difference and if you have a good therapist you will learn a lot about your condition and things you can do to cope better such as breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and working out. Please come back and post about how you are feeling and if you condition has improved or not. Best of luck! :-)

  • Thanks. The wedding is this weekend so I really hope I get there ok. I will have to arrange with my doctor when I get back. I think the waiting list in the uk for cbt is about 3 months!

  • Oh wow! Well definitely take it one day at a time until you are able to get the help you need! I hope your wedding turns out great I'll celebrate for you over here in the US lol :-)

  • Every symptom you have is just adrenaline pumping round your body and won't harm you in any way

    You can't snap out of it and you shouldn't feel like you should You need to lose your fear of the feelings

    Dr Claire Weekes books are amazing and will help you so much you can also find her help online Also I can't recommend DARE by Barry McDonagh enough it's brilliant

    You can and will get well

    There are lovely relaxation videos on You Tube for agoraphobia and panic attacks

    I hope that your journey and Dad's wedding go well remember panic attacks are horrible but can't harm you

    Good luck keep going out the more you do the more you will see there is nothing to fear

    I've been where you are now so I totally understand x

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