feel like im dying

does anyone else wprry constantly about health. and that they have cancer and will get told there dying. my life is on hold ots effecting everything in my life. i come home and go bed . my family have gave up on me. went doctors because of blood in urine and it was all fine second time i had sample except for they found luekacytes i dont know what this is. i have aches and pains all over. i need to talk to someone who understamds me x


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  • I worry about my health all the time, I mainly worry about cancer, it's all I've thought about for the past few months. Before that I was worried about other health issues. I'm so fed up with it and really with I could just stop thinking this way!

    Sorry you feel this way too, are you getting any help? X x

  • no im not getting any help. been trying to get an appointment for counselling but takes weeks. im on the verge of a mental breakdown. infact i think its already happened. begging my bosses for me fo go home . was shaking. im so scared im dying and i have cancer. my legs ache and all sorts. are you really bad with it? im sorry your going through this its horrible xxxxx

  • Aww hang in there, I no it's so terrible, I've suffered on and off for years. I'm really bad, spend all day worrying, like as soon as I wake up, it's on my mind if I feel ok or what hurts. I'm always on edge and fidgeting. I get all kinds of aches and pains everyday, and panic attacks quite often too.

    How old are you if you don't mind me asking? Are you on any meds? X x

  • im 29 and on citropram 20mg. my body constantly aches . i get pains in tummy, sides , back and legs. its driving me insain 😢 xxxxx

  • I used to be on them ones. Yeah I no what you mean I get all kinds. Do you body check? Try and keep yourself occupied and do some breathing, nice things for yourself X x

  • i constantly body check. feel helpless x

  • I do too, I was told that body checking makes symptoms worse, and if we prod and poke it can actually cause pain, also make us concentrate on it even more X x

  • Very true indeed....

  • I know exactly how u feel I constanlty feel on edge or panicky like am dieting and get weird pains and feeling I see floaters so ended up with an obsession about my eyes I hate it because sometimes ul b fine and then think why am I fine it's so anoying hope your well

  • I fear of dying everything scares me I don't know what to do

  • When I'm feeling scared/anxiety/body symptoms, I stand tall and breathe, I tell myself I'm fine, I'm facing it, I'm in control. I focus on breathing. I also sit talk and meditate, I close my eyes and breathe, calmly focus on something and keep telling yourself you're ok and you're going to be ok and the crappy feelings will not last.

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