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Really trying so hard to be "comfortable" with being "uncomfortable"😧

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So yes I will admit I am having one of those days where I would usually let my anxiety or symptoms get the best of me but I am trying so hard to take the advice of my fellow members of this forum that said "take anxiety along with you. be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It won't kill you. It is annoying, etc." Like right now, I don't know if my menustral being on got alot to do with more symptoms getting to me or anxiety coming even more but I'm just not feeling it today. This dizziness is really getting on my nerves. It scares me when I have to drive which I still try and go about my day as usual having to pick up the kids, run errands, grocery shop and it's so aggrivating having that slight unbalanced feeling. Even still as I go to thw grocery I still get anxiety and it tags along because I feel funny when I'm walking around, the lights seem to much, but I honestly am getting better when I go at ignoring my symptoms as much as I can and I make it through just fine. Right now I got head pressure, ear pressure/fullness, sensative to the beep sound in my house like it's right in my ear, mild dizziness like if I keep trying to walk around or stand to long I may fall, vision wierd, dots floating in my vision ,mild headaches(that I keep anticipating worse to come), shaky hands earlier,nausea, even as I look down to type my vision seems fuzzy/blurred. And theres a few more. I don't know if it's because I still need to catch up on sleep. But I just wanted to talk about how this is really aggrivating and I'm trying to just keep going about my day. It's night now so soon I'll be headed for bed so I made it through the day ok but I just wanted to mention how this is gonna be tough to get used to if this is what I'm supposed to really be getting used to (anxiety that is). I didn't realize it was this much or anxiety disorder is really a top notch trick of the devil.

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Hi. I do the same, just go through the day the best I can. But honestly I am beyond exhausted. Of course the devil is part of this. That's why no matter what, we have to keep fighting the good fight. God IS good and is on our side. I lost faith in everything and God is trying to bring me close to him again...I know it in my heart.

You are right. I have come to realize my relationship with God was not pleasing and now I believe God is bringing me back close to him and if it took this to do so I understand. and I am trying to be strong through the process and trust in him.

Amen. πŸ˜šπŸ˜‡

Anxiety disorder and panic disorder etc, is extremely hard. We are awesome for going through it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

Accepting the Anxiety helps a lot! Trust me! :) it has helped me tremendously! It will get better I promise! 😌 I have days where I feel the exact same way you just described! Lights get to much for me, my vision is off, chest pain, headaches, etc. 😝 Anxiety IS the Devil but GOD is much more powerful ❀ Trust in him! Keep praying & He WILL answer your prayers! He has answered plenty of mine! 😌 Be at peace πŸ™

Thank you. and yes you are so true. I have to be able to put my trust in God. My prayer life has grown tremendously since going through this which I should have always put my faith and trust in God. And thank you for reminding why. I wish the best for us all. This anxiety is a true work of the Devil and since I know he is real that let's me know God is even real and I have been changing my vocabulary more by saying as much as possible "I chose faith over fear." Especially in my down days like yesterday when I was doubtfuland worried and frustrated with my symptoms, crying constantly I just say that phrase as many times as I can.

I'm in the exact same boat. Every symptom you're experiencing and more. You're not alone <3 take this as an opportunity to Learn how to remain calm and work with your mind rather than against it

That's true. I just that in those rough days it's let's me know this process of learning to accept what I'm dealing with is not easy. And I'm trying inch by inch to learn to work with my mind and not against myself. I do realize I am probably making this harder than it has to be. But I agree with you.

the hardest part for me is going back and forth between "is something wrong with my body?" to "this is just my anxiety playing tricks on me." especially since i am dizzy, and nauseous and get daily headaches it's hard to have a clear mind of what is going on.

Exactly what I think about and go through daily. going through it right now

This is not related to religion. Physiatrists and pharma. Companies are getting rich on our suffering. Let's get our heads out of the sand and demand research for this

Exhausting life draining disease.

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