Waving dizziness, headache on/off, pressure on temple

I been feeling dizzy for almost two months now its a kind of dizzy like im on the boat rocking back and forth. Occassionaly i have headache too and feel u get pressure on my temple or behind my head? This start when i have colds last month i feel dizzy spells then i also notice if i use the in ear phone the more i feel dizzy but i havent use ear phone for almost a month now. I have been to ent today he done a test in my ear but nothing he see, he send me to check for mri which i will be done tomorrow. It worries me a lot last night i got panic attack i can hear my heart beating so fast. I feel so sick like i want to throw out. Want more thing i get a little neck sore/ pain sometimes and my eyes is get a little sensitive to light specially if i watch tv. sometimes i see flashing lines on my phone if its on. Its so frustrating i want to be back to normal. Does any one here feels the same please let me know guys.


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7 Replies

  • Yes these are very common symptoms and unlikely to be serious.

  • Common symptoms of?

  • Anxiety

  • This past month my own anxiety has taken hold of my life. I uncomfortable 247 unless I'm asleep, which takes me a good while to accomplish. With my heart issue I just recently went to the hospital as doc recommend and everything looked normal. It's just myself causing rapid heart beat. My fear has caused me to be fearful of taking meds. I hope I can get over it because I really need help. You are not alone.

  • Does worries too much about symptoms would end up anxiety? When i was young if i fear of something i get panic attack thot maybe now i get older it get worst end up to anxiety/ panic attack with stress...thank jelly rose for yor responds. Feel relief im not alone dealing this.

  • The giddiness feeling is disgusting. I've been with This for 15 plus years. The good news that it does loose its intensity

  • Yes its sucks...i have been having the symptoms for 3months now...its there everyday feels like im in a boat, pressure in the head, sometimes i feel nose pressure im scared to death dont know what to do😂

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