My family says they see improvement in me and it's making everyone so Happy but why do I feel so weird a little still? I don't think I can forget about anxiety and derealization and blah blah blah. Has anyone ever fully moved on from it? Also, I had a chest xray done... Everything was normal. Now I have to get a barium swallow test done to see if I have a hiatal hernia which would answer the discomfort and GERD. I'm just ready to feel myself again. I feel dizzy a little still but I really think it's my eyes... I have been getting out and going small distances alone but sometimes I feel so upset because I always have this slight butterfly feeling in my stomach to remind me of the bs.

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  • you've posted this on an anxiety site and certainly it is most likely all your symptoms are due to anxiety and introspection. If you can try and get out of thinking about your feelings and just let the symptoms be observed like a passing bus it will help

  • Thank You. I am trying to just let the anxiett flow, sometimes it works and other times not so good. But my anxiety came from the symptoms and a few other things. I always had it but it was sometimes at night or once in a blue. I started getting this weird chest pain last summer and then a domino affect of things and tragedies that I haven't shared up here happened in a small time frame which put me in a depression and now I have the unreal feeling and it seems like I'm just surviving to make it through the day.

  • so it definitely seems psychological then, so mindfulness, mood gym, socialising , exercise etc should help. Introspective activity will not.

    You know the symptoms don't represent physical illness and are a common presentation of anxiety and the more you worry the less likely they will settle

  • Thank You so much. I feel a little better now. I know the brain/mind is very powerful. I lost a very close friend in January because she was battling depression and lupus and one night in her car, she gave up the fight by takung her own life and I don't EVER want to give up like she did. I think this is why I'm so upset because I don't ever want to feel that weak and that's all I think about. Sorry I'm venting lol. But Thank You.

  • Then don't let these thoughts get to you. Get on with living and having fun

  • Thank You 😊

  • You know my story... you do move on from it and it's like it never happened. When I was 18 this happened to me and I snapped out of it with no medication no help. It took me long but I did. I was even able to talk about it and laugh and feel really stupid at how I use to think everything was weird and felt fake dream like. Now I'm hit again with the crap as an adult. Over 2 months of this hell and this time I took medication and nothing. BUT I had some really good days.... like really good after I started taking magnesium. I am now advertising it to everyone that's suffering from this hell because it doesn't hurt try.

  • When I was 18, I was having crazy anxiety and fear feeling because of things in my life but like you said, it went away and I forgot about it. Now it came back with a vengeance lol. I'm like wth is this. I'm going to try the magnesium. Thank You for sharing your experience.

  • What type of magnesium do you take?

  • magnesium glycinate. You can research it too. Google magnesium for Dp/dr and read the stories

  • Great. Thank You

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