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brain tumour?

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i have been so scared thinking I've got a brain tumour, I've had one for almost 3 days and took medication and hasn't helped. its on both temples of my head and at the back and at the back of my head i sometimes feel this pressure. its making me feel a bit twitchy and dizzy. anyone else has the same thing?

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Yes ... I've had alsorts of random head pains .. From zaps to sharp pains to Like a thick numbness, dizziness, forehead down into nose and up the back of my head some very wired sensations 😁

It's very hard when you're going through it to be rational but I'm sure it's all just the way we are and I'm also sure there are lots more symptoms for it to be sinister.. Hope that helps ..

the numb pressure feeling i get is the worst one its almost like a brain freeze or something but i've felt it before in September so for like 5 months now but its only started to become frequent. surely if it was a tumour it would be causing more side effects right?

I would assume so and it wouldn't disappear.. Then come back! It really is probably just's hard to believe I know ..

i know, as soon as we except its anxiety the quicker we will heal but of course its easier to say than do.. hope you're feeling okay

It could be a strained neck muscle doing this. The Scm muscles at the front of your neck and cause these symptoms when you strain it, maybe have a look on google about the scm strain and the symptoms of it, it might help you out.

Have a read at this...


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thank you so much jimtom i did have a read of it. I'm also going to doctors tomorrow so i will show them this website

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Just ask them about muscle strain in neck, it is pretty common and I am sure they will know about it. If it is neck strain it isn't a hard thing to fix.

I hope all goes well for you at the doctors.

sometimes our minds play tricks on our bodies, you're fine. Go to the doctor to make sure, but I'm sure you're fine. Tension headaches are common, and stress is a silent killer. Stress is the cause to a lot of things. You're fine. You're fine. You're fine. Once i had a headache for 2 days and my right eye started twitching, and i had sharp pain from my head to my eye. That is a sign for a tumor, guess what, no tumor. Don't google, stay off google. And don't automatically think a headache or pressure could mean tumor. If it makes you feel better, go to the doctor. It could be stress, sinuses headache , anything , don't think the worst. You're fine.

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and also those pains i had in my eye and head was also because i wasn't getting enough sleep.

Thank you very much for your reply it helped me a lot. Hope you're okay

im glad i could help, feel better. thank you <3

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