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Hi all, I'm a little confused/worried here today. Does anyone else have a lower heart rate with anxiety? Textbook definitions of anxiety always state fast heart rate and chest pain, etc, but I have no chest/heart symptoms except some random palpitations. When I feel anxious, and check my heart rate, it's always in the 60s-70s. Even when I went to the ER last week with a panic attack my BP was fine. Makes me wonder even more if this is actually anxiety. Anyone else have a low/normal HR and BP even when they feel anxiety?


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  • I've only been on medication for three weeks.. I've felt like my heart rate has always been slow. My anxiety manifests as this lightheaded dreary woozy sick feeling and assuming it's anxiety, I would just expect my HR to be up! But it never is lol I'm thinking about asking for a 24 hour heart monitor. I have extreme health anxiety by the way. Lol thanks for your response :)

  • I have a slightly higher heart rate with my anxiety. So it probably is just your meds. But it's good, 60-100 is normal range

  • I remember when I first had anxiety I would worry my heart was beating fast. Then later I would worry because it was beating slow. It's normal.

  • Hi Amy, you are exhibiting all the classic symptoms of anxiety. You are searching for answers, checking your heart rate because you are scared. When I had anxiety my heart rate was fine. I think yours is too. What does it matter if it is raised or lower? It is not doing you any harm so don't dwell upon it and move on. ❤️

  • Mine never (or very rarely) goes up with my symptoms! I know we have very similar symptoms as you commented on one of my posts a few weeks back and one of the points I made was that my heart never seems to race! I've been very inactive for a lot of this year due to dizziness/ lightheadedness and overall fear of leaving my house so my heart tends to race if I get up and do something or even move too quickly, and I also get a lot of randon palpitations and skipped beats etc. But even with all that, my doctor has assured me that after my blood tests and ECGs I've had, there can't be anything wrong, and the surgery would probably be put under investigation if they sent me for any more tests and I'm SURE it's exactly the same for you! My rate is always between 60 and 80 when resting and the he's assured me that's a very good thing, and it's my mind that's being affected by prolonged anxiety and not my heart, so you can most definitely have multiple very intense anxiety symptoms, without the heart being affected :) 'Tis all just part of the "fun" ;L Hope this helps

  • I have the same thing. I too have health anxiety. I've had 3 EKG's, 2 X-rays, a 24 hour holter monitor, a stress test (got 200bpm), 3 troponin blood tests. After all of this I'm stil getting a echo cardio gram..... Sad I know. But my heart rate stays the same even when I have all the anxiety symptoms (tight chest/pressure/back pain/left arm pain/jaw discomfort/headache).

    What's my point..... It's the anxiety. And it comes in different forms.

    We definitely can control it. I've done it. Now I'm trying to live with it and repeat. Harder some days than others.

  • Thanks so much for everyone's responses. ❤️ I am so glad I joined this forum!

  • Hi AnxiousAmy, I enjoy waking up and knowing I have a safe place to go to with this forum. So many wonderful and caring people. I'm glad I joined as well. Take care....xx

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