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I'm lost! Please will you give me directions?

Hallo, Please can you help me? :-)

I am new, and I do not know how this all works.

I'm Aileen, I'm Scottish, living in Glasgow.

I have SLE, including Lupus nephritis, diagnosed almost 7 months ago.

Please how do I use this resource?

My cognitive function is kaput just now: there are many different places one can write, & I'm not sure where to go or how...?

O dear, I wrote that 4 months ago, & nobody has replied.

Also sometimes I can't sign in here, I don't know why.

Losing heart. :-(

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Hi AileenT, I am so sorry no one got back to you. Sometimes by the time your message is seen, it's already several spots down from the top and possibly not enough people saw it.

If you go to Communities and type LUPUS in the Search bar, you should come up with several forums you can sign into. Even though there are some people who experience anxiety and depression along with Lupus, your questions could be better addressed in a Lupus Forum. If you still can't get in, please let us know. Take care.



I can see you are a member on the Lupus Community and posted there 4 months ago and got replies

I am glad you have managed to get on Health Unlocked and even though this is the Anxiety site Agora has replied to you as we are a friendly bunch :-) and I just thought I would add you the link that if you press on it , it will take you straight to the Lupus Community and you can post there :-)

Once you are on there if you find you cannot post for some reason then check you are still a member in that Community if for some reason you are not just join again :-)

I hope you are successful so you can get the support you need :-)

Take Care x

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