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Generalized anxiety back again!

So after i had my second child last year i had the poat partum anxiety/depression,finally got put on celexa and also clonzapam when needed and them helped alot,had to come off of them bc i got pregnant again.had my third baby a month ago.i was so scared i was gonna have the post partum anxiety/depression again.and i think i do.i keep having weird symptoms again just like last time and constant worry,i dont enjoy doing anything i usually do.i cant focas and always worried,even if there isnt anything to worry about,i will sit and think about it untill there is something constantly worried and wasnt real bad until yesturday,my grandpa died and i seen him in the hoapital bed dead.freaked me plum out,now i cant stop thinking about it.and its making my anxiety so bad.anybody else experienced anything like this?just really need someone to talk to that understands anxiety.

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Hi 1994smilelove, I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather passing. My sincere conodolences. It does sound like you are suffering post partum issues. Because of that as well as the loss I would have a talk with your OBG doctor before it gets worse. GAD is always there just waiting to reappear when stressed. I hope you get some help soon. Take care. x


I've had anxiety for over 20 years and didn't have it excessively after my first BUT after my second my anxiety was through the roof. I started having panic attacks again for the first time in like 6 years. I also developed positional vertigo which I believe was because of excessive stress (although I am scared it's because of something worse like MS).

I don't know what to do. Every day I feel is a struggle between me and my mind and thoughts.


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