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Er. AGAIN last night

So I had terrible chest and back pain and it was bad. So I went out to the Er and they ran their test and said nothing was wrong. So I called my doctor today to make an appt to figure out why I keep getting this back pain and the chest pains. He called back and said its all my anxiety. Like really. Has it gotten to this point where its that bad?? I'm even on medication for it and it is still out of control at times. I am literally so sad because I miss my life. I miss the old me. I miss my free mind that didn't worry constantly. I don't know what went so wrong. I feel like crying but there's no tears left to come out. I have cried myself dry. I feel like I will always be stuck. These pains I get i have consumed me and I wake up every single day excepting it and its in my head all day long. So sick of this. I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.

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Hi Rissa, I am so sorry that you ended up in the ER last night. I know how you feel in that even knowing the tests came back okay, it is still hard to understand. Unless you are truly accepting your anxiety it will continue to stay with you. The pains are real that you are experiencing just that they are not coming from your heart. The muscles in your chest and back are so incredibly tense that it causes never ending pain. When you take medication and it doesn't work, your fear alone will increase the tightness. And so the circle of pain begets pain is completed. Don't let getting a diagnosis for Anxiety be the end all. That's when a lot of doctors wash their hands because they are more interested in the medical issues. There are many doctors who specialize in chronic pain and anxiety. You've got to find what works best for you. Once you get your pain under control, your anxiety will lessen immensely.


I know exactly how you feel, desperate for help and scared! it's so scary I've cried so much hit rock bottom and even begged for someone to help me, I do get good days well more positive days thinking I'm not going to let this stop me having a good day today it's very hard but I do it ! it's a battle we can't let anxiety win just want more positive days , but take it one day at a time , take care xx


I miss my old life too.

I know what the doctor said,but you should never believe its ALL in your head. I have been dissmissed so many times with a statement like that.

The other statement,my ex doctor used to tell me about any pain,was that I was just getting older. I was 60 then. Now 63. Your anxiety makes things worse. But it should not be ignored.

Doctors should be more empathetic.

Am I being too negative?

A doctor can make us feel better with alot more understanding and less dismissive. As if we WHERE making the pains up. We should be treated with more respect than that. More answers,more research to be done on their part.

Can you take sonething for the pain?

Wishing you lots of calmness, tonite.




I was told several times that its all muscle related. I have had test done on my heart and many other of things to rule out the chest pain. And the only thing that ever comes back is the muscles. I do have acid in my stomach which causes pain but I am not comfortable taking the medication prescribed to me. So I was told to basically deal with that. Also have a bad gallbladder that doesn't function right. So yes I have had test done. But the more my mind goes about a problem the worse it seems. When I am busy or distracted its not really that bad or not even there at times. I give my mind way to much power.


Its almost like I talk myself into things at times and I am always scanning my body. ALWAYS. it starts from the time I wake up. and goes on all day. I don't know just have to get my mind under control. I am very young I am only 20 and at this age I feel like I shouldn't be having so many issues. That's why I think at the end of the day a lot has to do with my anxiety but there's always that what if


relax, so many of us have had this. IF I can help you with this one thing, DO NOT JUDGE your thoughts about this. STOP telling yourself you have to get the anxiety under control. It is just thoughts you keep thinking. GO to Youtube, listen to TED talks, to Louise Hay Earl Nightengale ( old time radio ), Dale Carnigie etc.. and find a way to re parent yourself. Accept who and what you are TODAY.


Hi Rissa_

iI had the same hun i was over worrunh stressing and my chest was so tight , I have been doing puzzles and trying to keep my mind focused on other things instead of worrying about how I'm feeling . I'm also on floxitean 20mg it is hard but try to be positive I have good an bad days but more good days now .

hope you feel better soon hunni and stay strong 😊


I had this for years until I went to a Chiropractor. The tension caused my back to spasm, and that caused my rib's to be " out" . He adjusted me and I felt better. I have had a chiropractor in my " back pocket" for YEARS.............find a "healer" as a chiropractor, and you're golden!


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