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Im struggling with my axciety every day and experience all different feeling I get hot and sweaty get headaches and have wierd feelings all over my body lightheadedness and I can't bear with all of thies things happening to my body I worry that I'm about to die when all of this happen I've been healthy all my life but now since I've had my anxciety my life has been tuned upside down can anyone help with advice please

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  • Hi I feel the same I have moments when I feel good and then the anxiety sets in I feel ill I have all sorts of things back pain, kidney pain, palpitations and when I feel bad all I do is concerntrate on my health. I constantly want reassurance but never feel at ease. I feel that I have to go to the doctors to see if I have anything wrong with me! I get told by my family I'm a hypochondriac but they don't understand how I feel. I am constantly googling and sometimes it gets out of hand. And I only feel worse. I feel helpless when I'm like this. When I think rational I think stop being so stupid but when you feel anxious it spirals out of control.

  • Yes I know it's a hole horrible exspernace and I just wish it would pass and go away it had took over my life I can't go out any more I can't just go to the shop and that's it and I have a young child to it dosent affect my peranting what so every but I need to get out more and do things but I just simply can't

  • Feel good to talk to people that are going trew the same as me and I'm not alone

  • I was exactly the sMe for 8 years its only the past 6 month ive felt alot better a still hVe symptons but a dont let them get to me as much as i did. Do not google i learnt that all i done daily was google it made me worse uve never had any help of doctors etc ive fighted this my self and il assure you its alot better. Dont get me wrong a do think of things like what if a start feeling weak and dizzy and panic then i just say to me self so what im strong nothings going to happen. Am really exhausted though all i want to do is sleep. You will get there trust me xx

  • I went to the docs a few mouths ago about it and they refers me to councling I didn't go as it didn't work last time they tryed giving me medication but I refuse to take any as I have a young child hopefully it will get better in time I just want to start going out more and doing a lot more but I'd rather stay in and spend time with my daughter but when I do go to the shop I feel faint and sweeting and I just want to rush things I don't go anywere with my partner and more just stay in and I can't get out of it 😕

  • Exactly how i was the more you think of it or google dont try not to i no its hard to tell you am still like that but i didnt go out at all for 2 year a was house bound it was terrible my mam thought ibwas dying she was scared i have five kids so a seen the light and thought f,,k this am guna do it and im a lot better x

  • Yes I'm hoping with time i will get better hate beeing stuck in the house all the time looking at the same four walls every day it's driving me crazy some days I feel as I'm going bloody crazy but my little girl keeps me going every day 😊

  • I just want to start going out more and not putting things of

  • Do it dont be scared nothing will happen take a drink with you i do if you feel your self going weird have a drink takes your mind of it

  • Yes its awful evn if you take things slow walk round the block thats how i started x

  • Yes I will give it ago tomorrow see how I get on thank you nice to speak to someone that's been trew it

  • And understands what one going trew with out beeing juged

  • Thats good a hope you do honest do it daily you will feel alot better do you ever feel like when your going to sleep your sinking?

  • I go to bed and I'm awake for ages just thinking why do I feel like this and just get all sweety and then stay awake for like 2 hours

  • Dizziness? Weakness? Panic?

  • I just panic about why I'm feeling the way I do

  • Yes of course thats because your over thinking did it juat come on for no reason?

  • Yes sometimes I can get into bed feel fine and fall asleep strait away and some nights it just comes on for no reason

  • And it happens in the day too I can be fine for hours then it just come one and sometime I get a funny feeling all over get tummy pains feel light headed it's hard to exsplainf

  • Yes it sounds like anxiety theres alot of symptons tbh its awful somedays am that weak and dizzy a cant get up its horrendous and my heart pounds but a keep thinking positive and am getting there. Also are you tired more than what you are usually ?

  • Yes I'm always tiyerd even if I go to bed early I just hate all the feelings as I'm no good with them

  • I understand its awful and its hard for anyone to tell you to do this and that but honestly this community has helped thanks to a man i talk to he came to see me and had a good talk and since then ive never looked back x

  • Yes it is Alful I hate it everyday waking up thinking what's it goin to be today or if it's going to be a good day or a bad day x

  • Are you ready for christmas x

  • Yes I am x

  • Ye its not nice you will get there even doctord dont do anything tbh its a mind game and aww thats good x

  • Yes I seemed they wouldn't help me that's why I haven't gone about all thies symptoms I'm having if that's what u Call them hoping with time I can beat this and be my normal self again x

  • You will just think positive x

  • Just feels never ending and so days I don't want to do anything 😕

  • Thank you x

  • I undetstand hun dont worry am here to chat and try and support x

  • Thank you 🙂 X

  • How old are you and were you from message if you like so its private ?

  • Ive just messeged u x

  • I'm glad I found this web cite and beeing able to talk about what I'm going trew with other that have been trew and are still going trew the same as me x

  • Its a really good site puts your mind at ease known your not alone hun its lovely x

  • I'm on medication and have tried cbt but I find that doesn't help. Does anyone google that they have something wrong with them. Cause I do all the time. Every little pain feeling I think that something bad is wrong. This seems to make things hurt even more!! I do work and have 3 children and I do try to focus on other things but the anxiety sets in and that's it. Even worrying about a panic attack causes me worry.

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