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Need Advice, Please

Hi. I'm 23 year old female. I have been feeling VERY anxious EVERYDAY for the past few days. I'm tense throughout the WHOLE day, my head feels like there pressure, but no pain. My hands and feet sweat profusely all the time. I feel like my physical symptoms arise FIRST, then triggers my anxiety. I feel like I lost control of my mind and body. I weigh 100 pounds and I cannot eat and feel very nauseous. Does anybody know what helps to calm your body so it can RELAX?!?! I do not take medication and I really do not want to take any. I feel like my mother suffers from it and she's 50 years old and never took medication either. I just need to feel NORMAL!!!! It ruining my life!!! I want to laugh and be a FOODIE like I used to be!! I used to LOVE food and think about food all the time! Now my appetite is non-existent and I have to force myself to eat! Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and by the way, I really can't go to the doctors or a psychologist/psychiatrist because I'm a broke, full time student without any health insurance. I just want these anxious feelings to disappear.

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Have you tried mediating? Or breathing exercises?


Yes, I tried headspace. It does help for the time being, but it comes back. I'm going to try yoga this week and see if that will help me improve....


Yoga will help too. I do yoga two times a week and I try to include cardio for at least 30 min every day. Vitamin D and Fish oil can also help.

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Hi dear.It seems that you`re feeling very tense and cannot take food because feeling nauseous.Sometimes we have to stop for a while to reflect on our inner world and trying to understand the reason of our pain, in this case on our mind.What could be the reason of such distress?As you`ve said your mum has the same symptoms and she`s 50 and she had never taken any medication.We are influenced by people living and encountered in daily life and that can induce to learn and to imitate behaviour. Have you tried both mother and daughter to contact your GP? You cannot solve this problem by yourself, It seems that you need an expertise point of view, just my opinion obviously.


I think medication would actually be a good thing for you. I used to feel I couldn't take meds, but they have really helped me. I feel less anxious and it has helped me to get more of a foot-holding in my life. To be a bit more comfy with myself. It's something you should consider.

I went through a period of losing weight too when things got really bad. Hopefully it'll pass for you. Loving food can also be bad for you. I am heavier now than I have ever been unfortunately, all because I let myself over-enjoy food. I'm not considered fat - still fit in a size 12 - but I'm still heavier now. Considering I lost weight when I got stressed/anxious.


Hi, thank you guys for the quick replies... Well I talked to my friend who has been on SSRI's and she told me after awhile she feels... empty inside. I don't want to feel empty and I want to feel normal.

My mother on the other hand.. she never came out and said she had an anxiety disorder or had anxiety. I just feel as an outside observer and a psychology major student that she has anxiety... We are asian, so she does not go the the doctors unless its an emergency (e.g., getting a heart attack or hand chopped off). I know this is bad, but we cannot afford to go to the doctors or let alone health insurance.

I believe I was always a worrier.... but not to this extent. I do NOT go to doctors either unless its something serious, so having to go to the doctors was a big deal for me. I paid $155 the other day to have a doctor tell me I have anxiety.... which I already knew... what a waste of my time and money. They didn't give me anything, but Promethazine (for nausea) and did NOT help me with this tension I have been feeling. I feel like I'm spiraling out of control here.


Hi there, I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. Definitely keep up with headspace, it does work if you let it.

I'm in agreement with some of the others here in that I truly think you need help, and meds from a Dr will really help.

Please try to get medical help, maybe with your mum, I'm sure it could help you both.

Take care, best regards. X


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