Constant worrying

Really struggling with my anxiety at the moment 😔 And having really bad paranoia about my friends and people that I work with not liking me. I used to be such a fun outgoing person and now I just worry about everything and I'm not sure why I've changed into this person. Went out for drinks with Work last night and made a fool out of myself and now I'm worried about going back to work! I wish I was the person I used to be but don't know how to get back to that xx


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  • It is important you return to work next week. We all make a tizzy in front of people and feel bad about what we have done, just forget about it and move on.

    Do you know why you are feeling the way you do.


  • Just don't want it to affect how they think of me at work, it cut short their night by having to bring me home so I just feel really bad. I honestly don't know why I fee the way I do, I had a group of friends that I'd known for years but we ended up growing apart so I don't see them anymore and now I just feel really lonely and like I don't have any friends so I'm guessing when I drink is what triggers all the feelings to come out! X

  • Is there now way to you could phone one of your friends and see if things can be mended ??

    It happened to me when I left school and we just had nothing in common. We eventually met up a time later and meet up every two or three weeks until my life again moved on and I got engaged.


  • To be honest I could do but I don't really think they were the best influences, I think it was having the comfort of a group of friends and I just ended up feeling like I didn't fit in anymore. I used to go out nearly every weekend and then the other night I was being made fun of for not doing it anymore but it's more that I don't seem to have any friends to go out with anymore. Maybe it's because I'm about to turn 30 and don't really feel like I'm accomplished much! It's not like I have a bad life either I have a good job and a loving fiancé but just feel like something's missing!

  • It may be you have grown away from their company and of course you are now engaged and you are changing and have different expectations.

    Eventually you will meet a new group of friends who will most probably be other couples as your needs and expectations change.

    Good Luck


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