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Constant Fight or Flight

I think I have had anxiety and depression my whole life, but I have a new symptom that I cant seem to get under control even with the 20mg citalopram. Every day when on my way to work I get butterflies in stomach like I'm about to skydive or something, but not sure why. When I get to work I am on edge, and a rude supervisor, or coworker will make me so angry that I want to hit something, my hands start to shake, my heart goes faster, and I have to match the intensity of the attitude of the rude supervisor or coworker. So I have a short anger driven outburst then I have to go outside, have a cigarette and walk around for a minute because I get a energy rush when I respond to the rude person, and I don't want it to go further. If their is no rude or bad treatment that morning then I have the butterflies and sense of dread most of morning. Does anyone else have this and how do you manage it?

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Hi.. I have had those sickening feelings and dread and it’s no fun. I would suggest talking with your Dr. about your anger issues though. It may be that your medicine needs to be adjusted. Or maybe take a walk and let those feelings subside. Try to concentrate on the good things going on...best of luck


Thank you Oicuamy, I am supposed to take another anxiety medication with my current one but have been nervous about taking it. I will try to concentrate on the good things going on.


try not to let the words of evil people get to you....I know it is hard....I live with it everyday ...having people say cruel and hurtful things to me...about me etc etc....and Yes I have the butterflies. things all day.....not everyday but I did today...it has been dreadful...please ask your doctor about getting your Thyroid and Adrenal Glands checked.....I have both of those diseases so I know mine is from this.....it is still exhausting , upsetting and painful....no matter what causes it.....yesterday I felt pretty good so I was going to do some sewing...but my stomach was doing that flippy thing and my hands were shaking....I was determined and pushed through it but woke up this morning at 5 am...in a cold sweat and heat beating 130 beats per minutes...with tons of anxious feelings.....I am so scared and wish this would just stop.......I hope you find a way to deal with yours too.....the medicine you are taking might be causing the aggression issue....so check into that....I have been there....once I wiped out a whole display in a RITE AID store....because they did not have my thyroid medicine filled yet.....and this was out of character for me....but hormones and emotions and side effects to meds can make people do things they wouldn't usually do....hang in there


Thank you Bunny2020, I will check with my doctor. I have felt the same way about the aggression issues. It has once scared me into seeing a counselor again when I hit a window at work, and I also felt like its out of character for me. Thanks again for sharing and I hope you hang in there also.


May I suggest that you FIRST take a new and different route to work.

Also you diagnosed yourself in the line...

"When I get to work I am on edge, and a rude supervisor, or coworker will make me so angry that I want to hit something, my hands start to shake, my heart goes faster, and I have to match the intensity of the attitude of the rude supervisor or coworker"

This is called anticipatory anxiety. You already set yourself up for the WHAT IF's of when you walk in the door.

Be mindful of what you are thinking about, and what JUDGMENTS you have about your co workers.

Then insight is necessary about how you feel about yourself and your place and position at work.

You've got total authority over this one.


Thank you so much Indigojoe, I will start working on this now.




Hi dwonie I totally understand how you feel I’m extremely sensitive specially having to deal with rude coworkers ,so I know how hard it is

When I get anxious I can’t stop crying .

What Im doing to help myself is Im detoxing my body and mind .I know is not a quick remedy but Im working on it .I quit smoking 1year ago and now I’m starting to cut down caffeine wich is actually affecting me physically and triggering anxiety . Best of luck .


Hi Karina, thank you for responding. I have been told by my mother since I was a kid that I'm sensitive, but it's just how I am. So I can relate to that.

I have found that 2 to 3 cups of coffee will make me nervous. Also multivitamins will make me nervous. Great job for stopping smoking.


The anger is most likely linked to the anxiety. A medication adjustment should help. Try smiling and saying good morning instead of getting angry. They know that your buttons can be pushed so that is what they will do. Take your power back and overcome evil with good. Remind yourself you are a better person and no matter how rude they are you are bigger and better and will not stoop to that level. God says a soft answer turns away wrath, it also keeps us at peace.

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