Feeling dizzy and headaches

Hi I'm new on here

I don't know why but when I stay up really quickly I feel really dizzy and I also get headaches and feeling sick. I don't think I'm pregnant because I have implant for all the a year now. I also test 3 time and it say I'm not pregnant. My last sex it was 2 weeks ago and my boyfriend wear condom to. I wonder what's wrong with me help me please


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  • These are common anxiety symptoms. Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, or thinking too much about illness/your health?

  • I do get stressful sometimes and sometimes I do think a lot about stuff. I try to clear my head but I don't know how to. My boyfriend tell me not to thinks to much. But I just can't. I had headache nearly everyday. I feel like I'm not very healthy person.

  • Hey there. Dizziness and light headedness are common symptoms of anexity. Have you had any stressful encounters/do you keep thinking your pregnant/ making you stressed? You will have to give us more details than that about how you feel if your comfortable with it so we can help you further. In detail please -- Alex

    (I suffer from extreme anxiety and have about 30 symptoms from it I am sure I can help you out)

  • Headaches* my bad

  • Too much thinking is causing your headaches. Your energy deteriorates psychotically and physically when your overthinking. At night If it continues then 90% of these songs will relax your mind. Focus ONLY on the music and block everything out. Be in a dark setting and comfortable in your blankets or duvets and relax think happy things or concentrate on the melody. youtube.com/user/epzonix if you have any other concerns about it/they develop you can add my Facebook Mccluskey Atsuko Alex or reply on here. I am more than willing to help

  • I think that's because of me thinking to much about me getting pregnant. Also sometime I feel a bit sick. Oh another things is in the morning if I don't eat anything that I feel like I'm going to fented and less energy. Feeling tired

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