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Can't believe this happened

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Has this happened to anyone ? I was sitting watching T.V. then all of I sudden I start feeling like I was nervous but I was just relaxed and not worried at all then I think I was having a full blown panic attack I was trying to control my breathing but I don't know how well I was at I feel like I'm getting a headache 😢 all I know it I'm scared like why did that happen?! Why is any of this happening I just want to enjoy my life

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KrissNique, when you experience anxiety disorder your nervous system becomes over sensitised. So even when you're relaxed and not worried it's still over sensitive. So it can throw a wobbly any time, not just as an immediate response to more worry and fear. You spent a long time getting your nerves into that state by subjecting them to worry, fear, stress, overwork and what have you so your nerves are going to taje a while to get back to normal too. And now you say you're scared which unfortunately delays the healing process because your sensitised nerves thrive on fear.

Only when you can accept the symptoms calmly and without fear will your nerves begin to recover. That"s how it works.

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KrissNique in reply to Jeff1943

I'm scared because I thought I was going to pass out or black out . And home is my safe haven and now I'm having panic attacks here too.. I feel I have no escape . But the acceptance is what I struggle with because I don't know how to do that ... what does it mean to accept anxiety ? How does that look?

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Usagold in reply to KrissNique

I hear you, Kriss! I can talk a real good game about what we need to do, but when my body goes into panic mode in the middle if the night, it's a different story. It makes me feel SO insanely nervous, I get flooded with "what if" thoughts I don't even mean to have and I can't think clearly. My thoughts typically go like, "Oh no! This is worse than usual! I can't breathe! I'm losing control! I need help! What if it doesn't end...what if my heart can't take this, ok, just calm down, I'm supposed to relax and accept this feeling! But right now I can't breathe right, my heart is going 165, my BP is out the roof, and my legs are shaking uncontrollably. I will accept it in a few minutes if I am still alive then.." No, it is not easy! We are supposed to say to the panic, "Go ahead, do your very worst, anxiety cannot hurt me, these are only feelings and they will pass." And we sit there like Jeff's rock on the beach and let the waves of panic come and go like the ocean. That's acceptance.

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Jeff1943 in reply to Usagold

Usagold, remember that the power of anxiety is limited, it cannot do you physical harm. But you knew that. Also, the heart is the strongest, toughest muscle in your body and can withstsnd high pulse rate for a very long time. Because I know you understand acceptance and floating and letting time pass as outlined by Claire Weekes you will recover from all these symptoms before too long.

When people think they're going to have a heart attack because of anxiety then it must be pointed out that people have heart attacks because they eat too much saturated fat and it clogs their arteries, anxiety does not cause arteries to become blocked with cholestoral plaque so does not cause heart attacks.

Yes, we are all rocks on the beach, we are all there looking out to sea, hundreds of rocks all sitting there saying: "What time's high tide?"☺

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Jeff1943 in reply to KrissNique

You'd find it helpful to read Claire Weekes' book about the acceptance method available from Amazon: "Self help with yournerves" uk edition or "Hope and help with your nerves" u.s. edition.

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tina22 in reply to Jeff1943

Jeff1943 That was a really good reply it makes so much sense.

Hey you! What happened to being strong. You helped me yesterday!! Ok rationalise it, its over now & forget about it, I honestly know that's easier said than done but sitting there thinking why did this happen isn't going to make you feel any better. My place for relaxing is in the bath & I had a panic attack in there the other night & it threw me a little BUT guess what! I'm still here, I made it through it & live to fight another day.

These feelings are all so very scary I find self talk works for me 'your fine, you've had 100's of these before & you're still here to tell the tale'! The headache you are getting is probably a tension headache & it will go away. It's an awful thing that's happening to you but nothing lasts forever, the good, the bad or the ugly. Message me if you need me xxx

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KrissNique in reply to Ffaiers

I really appreciate you saying all of that because I promise at the time of panic attacks you feel soooo alone . And then I realize I have all of you guys and it makes me feel better ..I hate that you went through a panic attack in the tub... what triggered it?

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Ffaiers in reply to KrissNique

Hey you, I have no idea what triggered it & im not going to bother trying to figure out why. I just did the 'self talk' like 'we've been here before it's just a panic attack & it will go as quick as it came' I carried on with my bath doing my breathing exercises & it went. I gave it no more time than it deserves! You are never alone there are 1000's of people that suffer everyday & we are all here to help you xx

That's actually how it happen 2 me was relax watching cool movie when it happen i was 15 but I had gone trew a traumatic event which later on they told me all the stuff I kept inside triggered it after time of keeping all my emotions even though I was relax my mind was not letting things go.

I get that too sometimes. It's so weird, it just comes out of nowhere. I know how you feel.

Great advice as always, Jeff! Thank you. I've experienced this on so many occasions. I've bookmarked your posts so that I can remind myself when things get tough.☺

when you are under stress and 'nervy' it goes with the territory,so long as it passes......

when you are under stress and 'nervy' it goes with the territory,so long as it passes......

I'm in that situation either. I don't know what to do plus I feel nauseous all the time.

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