Panic attack

People that have suffered with panic attacks now know what a real beating heart feels like, my question is now (despite a cardiologist saying everything is fine) do anxiety sufferers notice every little thing that there heart does? I'll be lying in bed and can notice it beating (at a normal healthy rate) and at random times during the day I can notice it, perhaps it's because I'm focusing on it? Anyone else get this? I'm just wondering if I'll ever get back to a point in my life where I forget about my heart. Before panic attacks you forget you even have this in your body working all day long to keep you alive!! Mine has now move onto health anxiety. I notice any pinch prod poke rumble tickle in my body! Scary! Advice please??


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  • This is because your mind n body have become over sensitized, you focus on every little sensation, I've been like this in the past, you have to retrain your thoughts, during a single day our bodies will produce many different sensations, it's normal, it may be a random ache or pain, a sudden butterfly in the chest, a headache, a pounding of the heart etc etc, this is your body working, it's doing what it's supposed to do, as you say, you never used to notice it, your anxiety has made you over sensitized now so everything is noticeable, the trick is to accept it all, any sensation, any little random change, just try and accept and carry in with your day, in time these feelings just fade into the background and once again become unnoticeable, Dr Claire Weekes has written several books relating to these kind of issues, she was a pioneer in this field and was a truly amazing lady, look her up on youtube, her books are still available too, I recently bought one on Amazon for a friend, you can recover completely from all of this, it will take time but you can do it, I understand how dreadful this feels, I've been there myself, I've used self help techniques and attended a 6 weeks course, it's helped me overcome the anxiety trap,you can do it too :-) xxx

  • I feel energize after reading ur words, I feel really desperate these days and I want to run away from my environment. Like u said I notice every little change in my body. That makes really worry for me and feel anxious. Thanks for ur words

  • I understand how anxious your feeling, truly I do, just keep trying to remind yourself that the symptoms of anxiety maybe unpleasant...but they will not kill you...anxiety response is there to protect you, that's its job, it's just that because your over sensitized you feel threat n danger when there actually isn't any, but because you THINK there is your body is in fight or flight mode, it's trying to protect you from a danger, it's doing its job, all you have to do is to accept the symptoms completely and the thoughts of danger/fear will gradually subside, that's when your body will respond by relaxing again, you will get there if you practice this, your safe, your body is working, feel free to message me whenever you like, we all understand here xxxx

  • Thanks u so much for ur great words suzie. From now on, I will try my best to overcome my anxiety!!!

  • O, yes. I notice my heartbeat. It's a vicious circle. My panic attacks always start with a vague feeling of uneasiness.Then the adrenaline starts shooting through my stomach and my heart thumps and races, often erratically. Then my fear increases tenfold and everything gets worse and worse until I have to take a diazepam or similar drug. I try not to take them but I must have them in the house in case I need them.

    I'm sorry I have no solution for you. If I did, I wouldn't suffer myself. I hope someone else can help you.

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