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Superficial blood clot brought my HA back

Hello I joined this group after finding it in a Google search. As the title says I have a superficial blood clot in my right foot and it's brought my health anxiety back in full force. Ever since I discovered it and it was diagnosed I've had non stop anxiety. It's been over three weeks. I even started seeing a psychiatrist but I don't know if I'll be able to continue to go because of child care issues. He didn't prescribed any medication cause I told him I can't take antidepressants. So I just have to make it through on my own.

Well what just happened was why I actually came on here. I woke up after a few hours of not good sleep to my left leg (the non effected one) being totally asleep! I wasn't even fully awake when I noticed it. But I moved it around and feeling came back. I kind of still feel a sensation in it sort of. But it's hard to say because recently I've been hyper aware of every sensation my body has. I wasn't really lying super weird. Maybe kind of on my side but there was a pillow under my calf kind of. I'm not sure. I also have scoliosis and am pretty sure that a lot of sensations in my legs are from sciatica.

I've been awake an hour and need to go back to sleep cause my anxiety is way, way worse if I don't get good sleep. But I'm afraid if I fall asleep that my leg will go numb again and then I'll be really super freaked out.

Can someone reassure me that a limb falling asleep is normal?

Also just a bit of information, I've had my superficial clot looked at by multiple doctors including a vein doctor and they have all said that it is not at all life threatening. But my HA can't let go of the fear because vascular stuff has been a phobia of mine for about 6 years.

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I have that same phopia(one of my many). I am sorry for your pain. But the best think I can say is simply keep the faith...God is a chain breaker, and we will one day find that peace again. My love goes to you. Be well.


Just a follow up in case anyone ever reads this. I always wonder if people die when you read a thread and there's no conclusion. 😋

Well my blood clot went away just like my doctors said it would. My regular doctor said to leave it alone and it would reabsorb. I was having such constant, intense anxiety so I couldn't do that. I went to a vein doctor and he looked at my veins. (The regular doc looked at the deep veins and they were fine) The vein doc looked at the superficial ones and said they were healthy and I didn't have a vein problem. That the clot was an isolated event caused by tight shoes. He then removed most of the clot with a syringe. There was a bit left that took about 2 months to reabsorb.

So I just wanted to write Incase someone with vein phobias like myself, ever read this. Sometimes the doctors are right and there's nothing to worry about.


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